Dr. Hanni Kiiski
Dr. Hanni Kiiski
Clinical Data Scientist, Cumulus Neuroscience Ltd
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A comparison of resting state EEG and structural MRI for classifying Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment
RW FR Farina, DD Emek-Savaş, L Rueda-Delgado, R Boyle, H Kiiski, G Yener
NeuroImage, 116795, 2020
EEG spectral power, but not theta/beta ratio, is a neuromarker for adult ADHD
H Kiiski, M Bennett, LM Rueda‐Delgado, FR Farina, R Knight, R Boyle, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 51 (10), 2095-2109, 2020
Functional EEG connectivity is a neuromarker for adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms
H Kiiski, LM Rueda-Delgado, M Bennett, R Knight, L Rai, D Roddy, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 131 (1), 330-342, 2020
A high-density ERP study reveals latency, amplitude, and topographical differences in multiple sclerosis patients versus controls
R Whelan, R Lonergan, H Kiiski, H Nolan, K Kinsella, J Bramham, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 121 (9), 1420-1426, 2010
Machine Learning EEG to Predict Cognitive Functioning and Processing Speed Over a 2-Year Period in Multiple Sclerosis Patients and Controls
H Kiiski, L Jollans, SÓ Donnchadha, H Nolan, R Lonergan, S Kelly, ...
Brain topography 31 (3), 346-363, 2018
Perceptual and social attributes underlining age-related preferences for faces
HSM Kiiski, B Cullen, SL Clavin, FN Newell
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10, 437, 2016
Impaired information processing speed and attention allocation in multiple sclerosis patients versus controls: a high-density EEG study
R Whelan, R Lonergan, H Kiiski, H Nolan, K Kinsella, M Hutchinson, ...
Journal of the neurological sciences 293 (1), 45-50, 2010
Differential diagnosis and comorbidity of ADHD and anxiety in adults
K Grogan, CI Gormley, B Rooney, R Whelan, H Kiiski, M Naughton, ...
British Journal of Clinical Psychology 57 (1), 99-115, 2018
Only low frequency event-related EEG activity is compromised in multiple sclerosis: insights from an independent component clustering analysis
H Kiiski, RB Reilly, R Lonergan, S Kelly, MC O'Brien, K Kinsella, ...
Change in PASAT performance correlates with change in P3 ERP amplitude over a 12-month period in multiple sclerosis patients
H Kiiski, RB Reilly, R Lonergan, S Kelly, M O'Brien, K Kinsella, ...
Journal of the neurological sciences 305 (1-2), 45-52, 2011
Symptom overlap in anxiety and multiple sclerosis
SÓ Donnchadha, T Burke, J Bramham, MC O’Brien, R Whelan, R Reilly, ...
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 19 (10), 1349-1354, 2013
Brain event-related potentials predict individual differences in inhibitory control
LM Rueda-Delgado, L O'Halloran, N Enz, KL Ruddy, H Kiiski, M Bennett, ...
International journal of psychophysiology 163, 22-34, 2021
Preliminary evidence for correlation between PASAT performance and P3a and P3b amplitudes in progressive multiple sclerosis
H Kiiski, R Whelan, R Lonergan, H Nolan, K Kinsella, M Hutchinson, ...
European Journal of Neurology 18 (5), 792-795, 2011
A Combination of Impulsivity Subdomains Predict Alcohol Intoxication Frequency
L O'Halloran, B Pennie, L Jollans, H Kiiski, N Vahey, L Rai, L Bradley, ...
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 42 (8), 1530-1540, 2018
Delayed P100-Like Latencies in Multiple Sclerosis: A Preliminary Investigation Using Visual Evoked Spread Spectrum Analysis
HSM Kiiski, S Ní Riada, EC Lalor, NR Gonçalves, H Nolan, R Whelan, ...
PLOS ONE 1, 2016
Strutting hero, sneaking villain: Utilizing body motion cues to predict the intentions of others
H Kiiski, L Hoyet, AT Woods, C O’Sullivan, FN Newell
ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP) 13 (1), 1-21, 2015
Perception and prediction of social intentions from human body motion
H Kiiski, L Hoyet, B Cullen, C O'Sullivan, FN Newell
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Perception, 134-134, 2013
Changes in inhibition-related brain function and psychological flexibility during smoking abstinence predict longer time to relapse
LF Lespine, LM Rueda-Delgado, N Vahey, KL Ruddy, H Kiiski, N Enz, ...
PsyarXiv 10, 2022
EEG theta/beta ratio correlates positively with inattention and memory problems in ADHD and controls
H Kiiski, M Bennett, C Kelly, K Grogan, L Rai, A Sweeney, E Mihelj, ...
European Neuropsychopharmacology 27, S1102-S1103, 2017
Artificial sharp-wave-ripples to support memory and counter neurodegeneration
J Keil, H Kiiski, L Doherty, V Hernandez-Urbina, C Vassiliou, C Dean, ...
Brain Research, 148646, 2023
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