Lu Wang
Lu Wang
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“Metal‐free” catalytic oxygen reduction reaction on heteroatom‐doped graphene is caused by trace metal impurities
L Wang, A Ambrosi, M Pumera
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (51), 13818-13821, 2013
Efficient Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 by Nitrogen‐Doped Nanoporous Carbon/Carbon Nanotube Membranes: A Step Towards the Electrochemical CO2 Refinery
H Wang, J Jia, P Song, Q Wang, D Li, S Min, C Qian, L Wang, YF Li, C Ma, ...
Angewandte chemie international edition 56 (27), 7847-7852, 2017
Greening ammonia toward the solar ammonia refinery
L Wang, M Xia, H Wang, K Huang, C Qian, CT Maravelias, GA Ozin
Joule 2 (6), 1055-1074, 2018
Boron-doped graphene: scalable and tunable p-type carrier concentration doping
L Wang, Z Sofer, P Šimek, I Tomandl, M Pumera
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (44), 23251-23257, 2013
Voltammetry of layered black phosphorus: electrochemistry of multilayer phosphorene
L Wang, Z Sofer, M Pumera
ChemElectroChem 2 (3), 324-327, 2015
Ambient Electrosynthesis of Ammonia: Electrode Porosity and Composition Engineering
H Wang, L Wang, Q Wang, S Ye, W Sun, Y Shao, Z Jiang, Q Qiao, Y Zhu, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (38), 12360-12364, 2018
Nitrogen doped graphene: influence of precursors and conditions of the synthesis
L Wang, Z Sofer, J Luxa, M Pumera
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (16), 2887-2893, 2014
Residual metallic impurities within carbon nanotubes play a dominant role in supposedly “metal-free” oxygen reduction reactions
L Wang, M Pumera
Chemical communications 50 (84), 12662-12664, 2014
MoxW1-xS2 Solid Solutions as Three-Dimensional Electrodes for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
L Wang, Z Sofer, J Luxa, M Pumera
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2015
Electrochemical catalysis at low dimensional carbons: graphene, carbon nanotubes and beyond–a review
L Wang, M Pumera
Applied Materials Today 5, 134-141, 2016
Capacitance of p‐and n‐doped graphenes is dominated by structural defects regardless of the dopant type
A Ambrosi, HL Poh, L Wang, Z Sofer, M Pumera
ChemSusChem 7 (4), 1102-1106, 2014
Photocatalytic hydrogenation of carbon dioxide with high selectivity to methanol at atmospheric pressure
L Wang, M Ghoussoub, H Wang, Y Shao, W Sun, AA Tountas, TE Wood, ...
Joule 2 (7), 1369-1381, 2018
Valence and oxide impurities in MoS 2 and WS 2 dramatically change their electrocatalytic activity towards proton reduction
NM Latiff, L Wang, CC Mayorga-Martinez, Z Sofer, AC Fisher, M Pumera
Nanoscale 8 (37), 16752-16760, 2016
Remarkable electrochemical properties of electrochemically reduced graphene oxide towards oxygen reduction reaction are caused by residual metal-based impurities
L Wang, CK Chua, B Khezri, RD Webster, M Pumera
Electrochemistry Communications, 2015
3D-graphene for electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction reaction: Increasing number of layers increases the catalytic effect
L Wang, Z Sofer, A Ambrosi, P Šimek, M Pumera
Electrochemistry communications 46, 148-151, 2014
Functional nanosheet synthons by covalent modification of transition-metal dichalcogenides
S Presolski, L Wang, AH Loo, A Ambrosi, P Lazar, V Ranc, M Otyepka, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (5), 2066-2073, 2017
Layered rhenium sulfide on free-standing three-dimensional electrodes is highly catalytic for the hydrogen evolution reaction: Experimental and theoretical study
L Wang, Z Sofer, J Luxa, D Sedmidubský, A Ambrosi, M Pumera
Electrochemistry Communications 63, 39-43, 2016
Photothermal Catalyst Engineering: Hydrogenation of Gaseous CO2 with High Activity and Tailored Selectivity
J Jia, H Wang, Z Lu, PG O'Brien, M Ghoussoub, P Duchesne, Z Zheng, ...
Advanced Science 4 (10), 1700252, 2017
Tailoring Surface Frustrated Lewis Pairs of In2O3−x(OH)y for Gas‐Phase Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 by Isomorphous Substitution of In3+ with Bi …
Y Dong, KK Ghuman, R Popescu, PN Duchesne, W Zhou, JYY Loh, ...
Advanced Science 5 (6), 1700732, 2018
So‐Called “Metal‐Free” Oxygen Reduction at Graphene Nanoribbons is in fact Metal Driven
L Wang, CHA Wong, B Kherzi, RD Webster, M Pumera
ChemCatChem 7 (11), 1650-1654, 2015
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