Tomáš Hájek
Tomáš Hájek
Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia
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Atmospheric nitrogen deposition promotes carbon loss from peat bogs
L Bragazza, C Freeman, T Jones, H Rydin, J Limpens, N Fenner, T Ellis, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (51), 19386-19389, 2006
Nutritional constraints in ombrotrophic Sphagnum plants under increasing atmospheric nitrogen deposition in Europe
L Bragazza, T Tahvanainen, L Kutnar, H Rydin, J Limpens, M Hájek, ...
New Phytologist 163 (3), 609-616, 2004
Nitrogen concentration and δ15N signature of ombrotrophic Sphagnum mosses at different N deposition levels in Europe
L Bragazza, J Limpens, R Gerdol, P Grosvernier, M Hájek, T Hájek, ...
Global Change Biology 11 (1), 106-114, 2005
Enhanced drought and heat stress tolerance of tobacco plants with ectopically enhanced cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase gene expression
H Macková, M Hronková, J Dobrá, V Turečková, O Novák, Z Lubovská, ...
Journal of experimental botany 64 (10), 2805-2815, 2013
Cell-wall polysaccharides play an important role in decay resistance of Sphagnum and actively depressed decomposition in vitro
T Hájek, S Ballance, J Limpens, M Zijlstra, JTA Verhoeven
Biogeochemistry 103 (1), 45-57, 2011
Effect of Water Content Components on Desiccation and Recovery in Sphagnum Mosses
T Hájek, RP Beckett
Annals of botany 101 (1), 165-173, 2008
Effects of borneol and thymoquinone on TNBS-induced colitis in mice
S Juhás, S Cikos, S Czikková, J Veselá, G Il kova, T Hájek, K Domaracká, ...
FOLIA BIOLOGICA-PRAHA- 54 (1), 1, 2008
Sphagnum growth and ecophysiology during mire succession
AM Laine, E Juurola, T Hájek, ES Tuittila
Oecologia 167 (4), 1115-1125, 2011
Light responses of mire mosses–a key to survival after water‐level drawdown?
T Hájek, ES Tuittila, M Ilomets, R Laiho
Oikos 118 (2), 240-250, 2009
Desiccation tolerance of Sphagnum revisited: a puzzle resolved
T Hájek, E Vicherová
Plant Biology 16 (4), 765-773, 2014
Photosynthesis in perennial mixotrophic Epipactis spp.(Orchidaceae) contributes more to shoot and fruit biomass than to hypogeous survival
C Gonneau, J Jersáková, E de Tredern, I Till‐Bottraud, K Saarinen, ...
Journal of Ecology 102 (5), 1183-1194, 2014
Calcium intolerance of fen mosses: physiological evidence, effects of nutrient availability and successional drivers
E Vicherová, M Hájek, T Hájek
Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 17 (5), 347-359, 2015
Lead contamination of an agricultural soil in the vicinity of a shooting range
V Chrastný, M Komárek, T Hájek
Environmental monitoring and assessment 162 (1), 37-46, 2010
Osmotic stress and recovery in field populations of Zygnema sp. (Zygnematophyceae, Streptophyta) on Svalbard (High Arctic) subjected to natural desiccation
M Pichrtová, T Hájek, J Elster
FEMS microbiology ecology 89 (2), 270-280, 2014
Habitat and species controls on Sphagnum production and decomposition in a mountain raised bog
T Hájek
Boreal Environment Research Publishing Board, 2009
Maternal effects alter progeny's response to disturbance and nutrients in two Plantago species
V Latzel, J Klimešová, T Hájek, S Gómez, P Šmilauer
Oikos 119 (11), 1700-1710, 2010
Mineral nutrient economy in competing species of Sphagnum mosses
T Hájek, L Adamec
Ecological Research 24 (2), 291-302, 2009
Tundra Trait Team: A database of plant traits spanning the tundra biome
AD Bjorkman, IH Myers‐Smith, SC Elmendorf, S Normand, HJD Thomas, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 27 (12), 1402-1411, 2018
Vegetation and carbon gas dynamics under a changed hydrological regime in central European peatlands
Z Urbanová, T Picek, T Hájek, I Bufková, ES Tuittila
Plant Ecology & Diversity 5 (1), 89-103, 2012
Nutrients and disturbance history in two Plantago species: maternal effects as a clue for observed dichotomy between resprouting and seeding strategies
V Latzel, T Hájek, J Klimešová, S Gómez
Oikos 118 (11), 1669-1678, 2009
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