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Threonine at position 306 of the KAT1 potassium channel is essential for channel activity and is a target site for ABA-activated SnRK2/OST1/SnRK2. 6 protein kinase
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Efficient operation of NAD (P) H dehydrogenase requires supercomplex formation with photosystem I via minor LHCI in Arabidopsis
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MDR‐like ABC transporter AtPGP4 is involved in auxin‐mediated lateral root and root hair development
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Cytosolic HSP90 regulates the heat shock response that is responsible for heat acclimation in Arabidopsis thaliana
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Myosin XI-i links the nuclear membrane to the cytoskeleton to control nuclear movement and shape in Arabidopsis
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Alterations in Detergent-Resistant Plasma Membrane Microdomains in Arabidopsis thaliana During Cold Acclimation
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iTRAQ analysis reveals mechanisms of growth defects due to excess zinc in Arabidopsis
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The pentatricopeptide repeat protein OTP82 is required for RNA editing of plastid ndhB and ndhG transcripts
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NAI1 gene encodes a basic-helix-loop-helix–type putative transcription factor that regulates the formation of an endoplasmic reticulum–derived structure, the ER body
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Regulation of ABCB1/PGP1‐catalysed auxin transport by linker phosphorylation
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Antagonistic jacalin-related lectins regulate the size of ER body-type β-glucosidase complexes in Arabidopsis thaliana
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MAIGO2 is involved in exit of seed storage proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum in Arabidopsis thaliana
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