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The interplay between intuition and rationality in strategic decision making: A paradox perspective
G Calabretta, G Gemser, NM Wijnberg
Organization Studies 38 (3-4), 365-401, 2017
Adding value to innovation: Impressionism and the transformation of the selection system in visual arts
NM Wijnberg, G Gemser
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Normative stakeholder theory and Aristotle: The link between ethics and politics
NM Wijnberg
Journal of Business Ethics 25 (4), 329-342, 2000
Why some awards are more effective signals of quality than others: A study of movie awards
G Gemser, MAAM Leenders, NM Wijnberg
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Betwixt and between: Role conflict, role ambiguity and role definition in project-based dual-leadership structures
JJ Ebbers, NM Wijnberg
human relations 70 (11), 1342-1365, 2017
Effective product-service systems: A value-based framework
B Kuijken, G Gemser, NM Wijnberg
Industrial Marketing Management 60, 33-41, 2017
Innovation and organization: Value and competition in selection systems
NM Wijnberg
Organization studies 25 (8), 1413-1433, 2004
Value chain envy: explaining new entry and vertical integration in popular music
JM Mol, NM Wijnberg, C Carroll
Journal of Management Studies 42 (2), 251-276, 2005
Effects of reputational sanctions on the competitive imitation of design innovations
G Gemser, NM Wijnberg
Organization studies 22 (4), 563-591, 2001
Nascent ventures competing for start-up capital: Matching reputations and investors
JJ Ebbers, NM Wijnberg
Journal of Business Venturing 27 (3), 372-384, 2012
Classification of popular music festivals: A typology of festivals and an inquiry into their role in the construction of music genres
IO Paleo, NM Wijnberg
International Journal of Arts Management, 50-61, 2006
Selection processes and appropriability in art, science and technology
NM Wijnberg
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Science and industry: a theory of networks and paradigms
K Debackere, B Clarysse, NM Wijnberg, MA Rappa
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Latent organizations in the film industry: Contracts, rewards and resources
JJ Ebbers, NM Wijnberg
Human Relations 62 (7), 987-1009, 2009
The dynamics of inter-firm networks in the course of the industry life cycle: the role of appropriability
G Gemser, MAAM Leenders, NJ Wijnberg
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 8 (4), 439-454, 1996
Disentangling the effects of reputation and network position on the evolution of alliance networks
JJ Ebbers, NM Wijnberg
Strategic Organization 8 (3), 255-275, 2010
Organizational memory: From expectations memory to procedural memory
JJ Ebbers, NM Wijnberg
British Journal of Management 20 (4), 478-490, 2009
Transferring reputation to the corporation in different cultures: Individuals, collectives, systems and the strategic management of corporate reputation
TS Schweizer, NM Wijnberg
Corporate Reputation Review 2, 249-266, 1999
Categories: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Two Sorts
W Conradie, S Frittella, M Piazzai, A Tzimoulis, A Palmigiano, ... 9803, 145-164, 2016
Performance effects of cognitive heterogeneity in dual leadership structures in the arts: The role of selection system orientations
PV Bhansing, MAAM Leenders, NM Wijnberg
European Management Journal 30 (6), 523-534, 2012
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