Deena Schmidt
Deena Schmidt
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Nevada, Reno
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Steady-state fluctuations of a genetic feedback loop: An exact solution
R Grima, DR Schmidt, TJ Newman
The Journal of chemical physics 137 (3), 2012
Waiting for two mutations: with applications to regulatory sequence evolution and the limits of Darwinian evolution
R Durrett, D Schmidt
Genetics 180 (3), 1501-1509, 2008
A waiting time problem arising from the study of multi-stage carcinogenesis
R Durrett, D Schmidt, J Schweinsberg
The effect of population history on the distribution of the Tajima’s D statistic
D Schmidt, J Pool
Population English Edition, 1-8, 2002
Adaptive evolution drives the diversification of zinc-finger binding domains
D Schmidt, R Durrett
Molecular biology and evolution 21 (12), 2326-2339, 2004
Waiting for regulatory sequences to appear
R Durrett, D Schmidt
Measuring edge importance: a quantitative analysis of the stochastic shielding approximation for random processes on graphs
DR Schmidt, PJ Thomas
The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience 4, 1-52, 2014
Behavior Responses to Chemical and Optogenetic Stimuli in Drosophila Larvae
DA Clark, SR Odell, JM Armstrong, M Turcotte, D Kohler, A Mathis, ...
Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 12, 324, 2018
Stochastic shielding and edge importance for Markov chains with timescale separation
DR Schmidt, RF Galán, PJ Thomas
PLoS computational biology 14 (6), e1006206, 2018
Thermal Performance Curves of Multiple Isolates of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, a Lethal Pathogen of Amphibians
CN Sheets, DR Schmidt, PJ Hurtado, AQ Byrne, EB Rosenblum, ...
Frontiers in veterinary science 8, 687084, 2021
Reply to Michael Behe
R Durrett, D Schmidt
Genetics 181 (2), 821-822, 2009
Mathematical modeling of retinal degeneration: aerobic glycolysis in a single cone
ET Camacho, A Dobreva, K Larripa, A Rǎdulescu, D Schmidt, I Trejo
Using Mathematics to Understand Biological Complexity: From Cells to …, 2021
Hormone secretion in transgenic rats and electrophysiological activity in their gonadotropin releasing-hormone neurons
VL Gay, PJ Hemond, D Schmidt, MP O'Boyle, Z Hemond, J Best, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 303 (2), E243-E252, 2012
Random graph and stochastic process contributions to network dynamics
D Schmidt, J Best, MS Blumberg
Conference Publications 2011 (Special), 1279-1288, 2011
Balancing an Academic Career in Mathematics with Motherhood and Life's Other Passions
DR Schmidt
Journal of Humanistic Mathematics 8 (2), 281-291, 2018
Insights into pathological mechanisms and interventions revealed by analyzing a mathematical model for cone metabolism
A Dobreva, ET Camacho, K Larripa, A Rǎdulescu, DR Schmidt, I Trejo
Bioscience Reports 42 (3), BSR20212457, 2022
Penalized KS method to fit data sets with power law distribution over a bounded subinterval
F Olmez, PR Kramer, J Fricks, DR Schmidt, J Best
Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 91 (8), 1524-1563, 2021
A mathematical look at DNA regulatory sequence evolution
DR Schmidt
Cornell University, 2007
Network Structure and Dynamics of Biological Systems
DR Schmidt
An Introduction to Undergraduate Research in Computational and Mathematical …, 2020
Changes in the Coefficients of Zipf’s Law for English Corpora of Different Contexts
R Arnold, D Schmidt
Nevada State Undergraduate Research Journal, 2017
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