Martin Kernan
Martin Kernan
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A review of the potential impacts of climate change on surface water quality
PG Whitehead, RL Wilby, RW Battarbee, M Kernan, AJ Wade
Hydrological sciences journal 54 (1), 101-123, 2009
Ecological impacts of global warming and water abstraction on lakes and reservoirs due to changes in water level and related changes in salinity
E Jeppesen, S Brucet, L Naselli-Flores, E Papastergiadou, K Stefanidis, ...
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Climate change and water in the UK–past changes and future prospects
G Watts, RW Battarbee, JP Bloomfield, J Crossman, A Daccache, ...
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Assessing the ecological status in the context of the European Water Framework Directive: where do we go now?
Y Reyjol, C Argillier, W Bonne, A Borja, AD Buijse, AC Cardoso, ...
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A comparative review of recovery processes in rivers, lakes, estuarine and coastal waters
PFM Verdonschot, BM Spears, CK Feld, S Brucet, H Keizer-Vlek, A Borja, ...
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Climate change impacts on freshwater ecosystems
M Kernan, RW Battarbee, BR Moss
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Regionalisation of chemical variability in European mountain lakes
L Camarero, M Rogora, R Mosello, NJ Anderson, A Barbieri, I Botev, ...
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Climate change and the future of freshwater biodiversity in Europe: a primer for policy-makers
B Moss, D Hering, AJ Green, A Aidoud, E Becares, M Beklioglu, ...
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Regionalisation of remote European mountain lake ecosystems according to their biota: environmental versus geographical patterns
M Kernan, M Ventura, P Bitušík, A Brancelj, G Clarke, G Velle, ...
Freshwater Biology 54 (12), 2470-2493, 2009
Nitrogen saturation in UK moorlands: the critical role of bryophytes and lichens in determining retention of atmospheric N deposition
CJ Curtis, BA Emmett, H Grant, M Kernan, B Reynolds, E Shilland
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Diel surface temperature range scales with lake size
RI Woolway, ID Jones, SC Maberly, JR French, DM Livingstone, ...
Plos one 11 (3), e0152466, 2016
Remote European mountain lake ecosystems: regionalisation and ecological status
J Catalán, CJ Curtis, M Kernan
Freshwater Biology 54 (12), 2419-2432, 2009
Threatened and stressed mountain lakes of Europe: assessment and progress
RW Battarbee, M Kernan, N Rose
Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management 12 (2), 118-128, 2009
Obstacles to data access for research related to climate and water: implications for science and EU policy-making
M Beniston, M Stoffel, R Harding, M Kernan, R Ludwig, E Moors, ...
environmental science & policy 17, 41-48, 2012
Acidification in European mountain lake districts: a regional assessment of critical load exceedance
CJ Curtis, I Botev, L Camarero, J Catalan, D Cogalniceanu, M Hughes, ...
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Disentangling the effects of land use and geo-climatic factors on diversity in European freshwater ecosystems
CK Feld, S Birk, D Eme, M Gerisch, D Hering, M Kernan, K Maileht, ...
Ecological Indicators 60, 71-83, 2016
The development of a GIS-based inventory of standing waters in Great Britain together with a risk-based prioritisation protocol
M Hughes, DD Hornby, H Bennion, M Kernan, J Hilton, G Phillips, ...
Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus 4 (2), 73-84, 2004
Recovery of acidified surface waters from acidification in the United Kingdom after twenty years of chemical and biological monitoring (1988–2008)
RW Battarbee, EM Shilland, M Kernan, DT Monteith, CJ Curtis
Ecological Indicators 37, 267-273, 2014
Critical loads of sulphur and nitrogen for freshwaters in Great Britain and assessment of deposition reduction requirements with the First-order Acidity Balance (FAB) model
C Curtis, T Allott, J Hall, R Harriman, R Helliwell, M Hughes, M Kernan, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 4 (1), 125-140, 2000
Regional influence of acid deposition and climate change in European mountain lakes assessed using diatom transfer functions
CJ Curtis, S Juggins, G Clarke, RW Battarbee, M Kernan, J Catalán, ...
Freshwater Biology 54 (12), 2555-2572, 2009
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