Reinhard Drews
Reinhard Drews
Geoscienes University of Tübingen
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Deep glacial troughs and stabilizing ridges unveiled beneath the margins of the Antarctic ice sheet
M Morlighem, E Rignot, T Binder, D Blankenship, R Drews, G Eagles, ...
Nature geoscience 13 (2), 132-137, 2020
Getting around Antarctica: new high-resolution mappings of the grounded and freely-floating boundaries of the Antarctic ice sheet created for the International Polar Year
R Bindschadler, H Choi, A Wichlacz, R Bingham, J Bohlander, K Brunt, ...
The Cryosphere 5 (3), 569-588, 2011
Meltwater produced by wind–albedo interaction stored in an East Antarctic ice shelf
FP J. T. M. Lenaerts, S. Lhermitte, R. Drews, S. R. M. Ligtenberg, S. Berger ...
Nature Climate Change, 2016
Antarctic ice rises and rumples: their properties and significance for ice-sheet dynamics and evolution
PLW K.Matsuoka, R.C. Hindmarsh, G. Moholdt, M. J. Bentley, H. D. Pritchard ...
Earth Science Reviews, 2015
Layer disturbances and the radio-echo free zone in ice sheets
R Drews, O Eisen, I Weikusat, S Kipfstuhl, A Lambrecht, D Steinhage, ...
The Cryosphere 3 (2), 195-203, 2009
Dynamic influence of pinning points on marine ice-sheet stability: a numerical study in Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica
RD Lionel Favier, Frank Pattyn, Sophie Berger
The Cryosphere, 2623-2635, 2016
Evolution of ice-shelf channels in Antarctic ice shelves
R Drews
The Cryosphere 9, 1169-1181, 2015
High variability of climate and surface mass balance induced by Antarctic ice rises
JTM Lenaerts, J Brown, MR Van Den Broeke, K Matsuoka, R Drews, ...
Journal of Glaciology 60 (224), 1101-1110, 2014
Actively evolving subglacial conduits and eskers initiate ice shelf channels at an Antarctic grounding line
NN Drews Reinhard, Pattyn Frank , Hewitt Iam J., Ng Felix S. L.,Berger S ...
Nature Communications 8, 15228, 2017
Evolution of Derwael Ice Rise in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, over the last millennia
FP Drews, R., K.Matsuoka, C.Martín, D. Callens, N. Bergeot
Journal of Geophysical Research 120, 1-6, 2015
Ice core evidence for a 20th century increase in surface mass balance in coastal Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica
FP M. Philippe, J.-L. Tison, K. Fjøsne, B. Hubbard, H. A. Kjær, J. T. M ...
The Cryosphere 10, 2501-2516, 2016
Detecting high spatial variability of ice shelf basal mass balance, Roi Baudouin Ice Shelf, Antarctica
F Berger, S. and Drews, R. and Helm, V. and Sun, S. and Pattyn
The Cryosphere 11 (6), 2675-2690, 2017
Characterizing the glaciological conditions at Halvfarryggen ice dome, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
R Drews, C Martín, D Steinhage, O Eisen
Journal of Glaciology 59 (213), 9-20, 2013
Observations of buried lake drainage on the Antarctic Ice Sheet
D Dunmire, JTM Lenaerts, AF Banwell, N Wever, J Shragge, S Lhermitte, ...
Geophysical research letters 47 (15), e2020GL087970, 2020
The control of an uncharted pinning point on the flow of an Antarctic ice shelf
S Berger, L Favier, R Drews, JJ Derwael, F Pattyn
Journal of Glaciology 62 (231), 37-45, 2016
Potential mechanisms for anisotropy in ice-penetrating radar data
Journal of Glaciology 58 (102), 612-624, 2012
Basal melting at the Ekström Ice Shelf, Antarctica, estimated from mass flux divergence
N Neckel, R Drews, W Rack, D Steinhage
Annals of Glaciology 53 (60), 294-302, 2012
A spatially adjusted elevation model in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, based on differential SAR interferometry
R Drews, W Rack, C Wesche, V Helm
IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing 47 (8), 2501-2509, 2009
Topographic shelf waves control seasonal melting near Antarctic ice shelf grounding lines
S Sun, T Hattermann, F Pattyn, KW Nicholls, R Drews, S Berger
Geophysical Research Letters 46 (16), 9824-9832, 2019
Detailed seismic bathymetry beneath Ekström Ice Shelf, Antarctica: Implications for glacial history and ice‐ocean interaction
EC Smith, T Hattermann, G Kuhn, C Gaedicke, S Berger, R Drews, ...
Geophysical Research Letters, e2019GL086187, 2020
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