Stephan Haas
Stephan Haas
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Photoemission spectra of : A theoretical analysis
A Nazarenko, KJE Vos, S Haas, E Dagotto, RJ Gooding
Physical Review B 51 (13), 8676, 1995
Studying quantum spin systems through entanglement estimators
T Roscilde, P Verrucchi, A Fubini, S Haas, V Tognetti
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Bose glass and Mott glass of quasiparticles in a doped quantum magnet
R Yu, L Yin, NS Sullivan, JS Xia, C Huan, A Paduan-Filho, NF Oliveira Jr, ...
Nature 489 (7416), 379-384, 2012
Scaling behavior of entanglement in two-and three-dimensional free-fermion systems
W Li, L Ding, R Yu, T Roscilde, S Haas
Physical Review B 74 (7), 073103, 2006
Entanglement and factorized ground states in two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets
T Roscilde, P Verrucchi, A Fubini, S Haas, V Tognetti
Physical review letters 94 (14), 147208, 2005
Self-induced transmission on a free exciton resonance in a semiconductor
H Giessen, A Knorr, S Haas, SW Koch, S Linden, J Kuhl, M Hetterich, ...
Physical review letters 81 (19), 4260, 1998
Entanglement, fidelity, and topological entropy in a quantum phase transition to topological order
A Hamma, W Zhang, S Haas, DA Lidar
Physical Review B 77 (15), 155111, 2008
Ultrafast relaxation of photoexcited carriers: The role of coherence in the generation process
F Rossi, S Haas, T Kuhn
Physical review letters 72 (1), 152, 1994
Quantum antiferromagnetism in quasicrystals
S Wessel, A Jagannathan, S Haas
Physical review letters 90 (17), 177205, 2003
Field-induced magnetic order in quantum spin liquids
S Wessel, M Olshanii, S Haas
Physical Review Letters 87 (20), 206407, 2001
Antiferromagnetically induced photoemission band in the cuprates
S Haas, A Moreo, E Dagotto
Physical review letters 74 (21), 4281, 1995
Magnetic and metallic state at intermediate Hubbard U coupling in multiorbital models for undoped iron pnictides
R Yu, KT Trinh, A Moreo, M Daghofer, JA Riera, S Haas, E Dagotto
Physical Review B 79 (10), 104510, 2009
Phase diagram of electron-doped dichalcogenides
M Rösner, S Haas, TO Wehling
Physical Review B 90 (24), 245105, 2014
Universal scaling at field-induced magnetic phase transitions
O Nohadani, S Wessel, B Normand, S Haas
Physical Review B 69 (22), 220402, 2004
Entanglement entropy in the two-dimensional random transverse field Ising model
R Yu, H Saleur, S Haas
Physical Review B 77 (14), 140402, 2008
Intensity dependence of superradiant emission from radiatively coupled excitons in multiple-quantum-well Bragg structures
S Haas, T Stroucken, M Hübner, J Kuhl, B Grote, A Knorr, F Jahnke, ...
Physical Review B 57 (23), 14860, 1998
Achieving a quantum smart workforce
CD Aiello, DD Awschalom, H Bernien, T Brower, KR Brown, TA Brun, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 6 (3), 030501, 2021
Quasiparticle dispersion of the t-J and Hubbard models
A Moreo, S Haas, AW Sandvik, E Dagotto
Physical Review B 51 (17), 12045, 1995
Fidelity Approach to the Disordered Quantum X Y Model
S Garnerone, NT Jacobson, S Haas, P Zanardi
Physical review letters 102 (5), 057205, 2009
Anisotropic s-wave superconductivity in MgB 2
S Haas, K Maki
Physical Review B 65 (2), 020502, 2001
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