Dalibor Matysek
Dalibor Matysek
vědecký pracovník, VŠB-TU Ostrava
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Selective leaching of zinc from zinc ferrite with hydrochloric acid
Š Langová, J Leško, D Matýsek
Hydrometallurgy 95 (3-4), 179-182, 2009
Zinc recovery from steel-making wastes by acid pressure leaching and hematite precipitation
Š Langová, D Matýsek
Hydrometallurgy 101 (3-4), 171-173, 2010
Energy utilisation of biowaste—Sunflower-seed hulls for co-firing with coal
H Raclavska, D Juchelkova, V Roubicek, D Matysek
Fuel processing technology 92 (1), 13-20, 2011
Graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets as highly efficient photocatalysts for phenol degradation under high-power visible LED irradiation
L Svoboda, P Praus, MJ Lima, MJ Sampaio, D Matýsek, M Ritz, R Dvorský, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 100, 322-332, 2018
SEM, EDS and XPS analysis of the coatings obtained on titanium after plasma electrolytic oxidation in electrolytes containing copper nitrate
K Rokosz, T Hryniewicz, D Matýsek, S Raaen, J Valíček, Ł Dudek, ...
Materials 9 (5), 318, 2016
The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon concentrations in soils in the Region of Valasske Mezirici, the Czech Republic
D Plachá, H Raclavská, D Matýsek, MH Rümmeli
Geochemical Transactions 10 (1), 1-21, 2009
Correlation between magnetic susceptibility and heavy metal concentrations in forest soils of the eastern Czech Republic
D Matysek, H Raclavska, K Raclavsky
Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics 13 (1), 13-26, 2008
Chitosan-based carbon quantum dots for biomedical applications: synthesis and characterization
Ł Janus, M Piątkowski, J Radwan-Pragłowska, D Bogdał, D Matysek
Nanomaterials 9 (2), 274, 2019
Possibilities of municipal solid waste incinerator fly ash utilisation
S Hartmann, L Koval’, H Škrobánková, D Matýsek, F Winter, A Purgar
Waste Management & Research 33 (8), 740-747, 2015
SEM and EDS analysis of surface layer formed on titanium after plasma electrolytic oxidation in H3PO4 with the addition of Cu (NO3) 2
K Rokosz, T Hryniewicz, Ł Dudek, D Matýsek, J Valíček, M Harničárová
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 16 (8), 7814-7817, 2016
Geochemistry of fly ash from desulphurisation process performed by sodium bicarbonate
H Raclavska, D Matysek, K Raclavsky, D Juchelkova
Fuel processing technology 91 (2), 150-157, 2010
Biotic changes around the radioisotopically constrained Carboniferous-Permian boundary in the Boskovice Basin (Czech Republic)
J Jirásek, M Schmitz, D Matýsek
Bulletin of Geosciences, 2017
Cretaceous oceanic red beds in the outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic
P Skupien, M Bubík, L Švábenická, R Mikuláš, Z Vašíček, D Matýsek
Cretaceous Oceanic Red Beds: Stratigraphy, Composition, Origins, and …, 2009
Apatite fission track and (U-Th)/He dating of teschenite intrusions gives time constraints on accretionary processes and development of planation surfaces in the Outer Western …
M Danisik, T Panek, D Maty@ 4sek, I Dunkl, W Frisch
Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie 52 (3), 273, 2008
3D Hierarchical, Nanostructured Chitosan/PLA/HA Scaffolds Doped with TiO2/Au/Pt NPs with Tunable Properties for Guided Bone Tissue Engineering
J Radwan-Pragłowska, Ł Janus, M Piątkowski, D Bogdał, D Matysek
Polymers 12 (4), 792, 2020
Microwave-assisted synthesis and characterization of chitosan aerogels doped with Au-NPs for skin regeneration
M Piątkowski, J Radwan-Pragłowska, Ł Janus, D Bogdał, D Matysek, ...
Polymer Testing 73, 366-376, 2019
Novel porous phosphorus–calcium–magnesium coatings on titanium with copper or zinc obtained by DC plasma electrolytic oxidation: fabrication and characterization
K Rokosz, T Hryniewicz, S Gaiaschi, P Chapon, S Raaen, D Matýsek, ...
Materials 11 (9), 1680, 2018
Biodegradable, pH-responsive chitosan aerogels for biomedical applications
J Radwan-Pragłowska, M Piątkowski, D Bogdał, D Matysek
RSC advances 7 (52), 32960-32965, 2017
Colour measurement as a proxy method for estimation of changes in phase and chemical composition of fly ash formed by combustion of coal
H Raclavska, K Raclavsky, D Matysek
Fuel 88 (11), 2247-2254, 2009
Hybrid Bilayer PLA/Chitosan Nanofibrous Scaffolds Doped with ZnO, Fe3O4, and Au Nanoparticles with Bioactive Properties for Skin Tissue Engineering
J Radwan-Pragłowska, Ł Janus, M Piątkowski, D Bogdał, D Matýsek
Polymers 12 (1), 159, 2020
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