Steven David Boger
Steven David Boger
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Antarctica—before and after Gondwana
SD Boger
Gondwana Research 19 (2), 335-371, 2011
Early Paleozoic tectonism within the East Antarctic craton: the final suture between east and west Gondwana?
SD Boger, CJL Wilson, CM Fanning
Geology 29 (5), 463-466, 2001
Terminal suturing of Gondwana and the onset of the Ross–Delamerian Orogeny: the cause and effect of an Early Cambrian reconfiguration of plate motions
SD Boger, JML Miller
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 219 (1-2), 35-48, 2004
Neoproterozoic deformation in the Radok Lake region of the northern Prince Charles Mountains, east Antarctica; evidence for a single protracted orogenic event
SD Boger, CJ Carson, CJL Wilson, CM Fanning
Precambrian Research 104 (1-2), 1-24, 2000
U–Pb age data from the Sunsas region of Eastern Bolivia, evidence for the allochthonous origin of the Paragua Block
SD Boger, M Raetz, D Giles, E Etchart, CM Fanning
Precambrian Research 139 (3-4), 121-146, 2005
Pan-African intraplate deformation in the northern Prince Charles Mountains, east Antarctica
SD Boger, CJ Carson, CM Fanning, JM Hergt, CJL Wilson, JD Woodhead
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 195 (3-4), 195-210, 2002
SHRIMP U–Pb geochronology from Mount Kirkby, northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica
CJ Carson, SD Boger, CM Fanning, CJL Wilson, DE Thost
Antarctic Science 12 (4), 429-442, 2000
New constraints from U–Pb, Lu–Hf and Sm–Nd isotopic data on the timing of sedimentation and felsic magmatism in the Larsemann Hills, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
ES Grew, CJ Carson, AG Christy, R Maas, GM Yaxley, SD Boger, ...
Precambrian Research 206, 87-108, 2012
Superimposed tectonic events at 2450 Ma, 2100 Ma, 900 Ma and 500 Ma in the North Mawson Escarpment, Antarctic Prince Charles Mountains
AF Corvino, SD Boger, F Henjes-Kunst, CJL Wilson, ICW Fitzsimons
Precambrian Research 167 (3-4), 281-302, 2008
An Archaean province in the southern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica: U–Pb zircon evidence for c. 3170 Ma granite plutonism and c. 2780 Ma partial melting and orogenesis
SD Boger, CJL Wilson, CM Fanning
Precambrian Research 145 (3-4), 207-228, 2006
U–Pb ages of metamorphic monazite and detrital zircon from the Northampton Complex: evidence of two orogenic cycles in Western Australia
AK Ksienzyk, J Jacobs, SD Boger, J Košler, KN Sircombe, MJ Whitehouse
Precambrian Research 198, 37-50, 2012
The 580–520Ma Gondwana suture of Madagascar and its continuation into Antarctica and Africa
SD Boger, W Hirdes, CAM Ferreira, T Jenett, R Dallwig, CM Fanning
Gondwana Research 28 (3), 1048-1060, 2015
The importance of iron speciation (Fe+2/Fe+3) in determining mineral assemblages: an example from the high‐grade aluminous metapelites of southeastern …
SD Boger, RW White, B Schulte
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 30 (9), 997-1018, 2012
From passive margin to volcano–sedimentary forearc: The Tonian to Cryogenian evolution of the Anosyen Domain of southeastern Madagascar
SD Boger, W Hirdes, CAM Ferreira, B Schulte, T Jenett, CM Fanning
Precambrian Research 247, 159-186, 2014
Hot rocks in a cold place: high sub-glacial heat flow in East Antarctica
CJ Carson, S McLaren, JL Roberts, SD Boger, DD Blankenship
Journal of the Geological Society 171 (1), 9-12, 2014
Metamorphic evolution of the Georgetown Inlier, northeast Queensland, Australia; evidence for an accreted Palaeoproterozoic terrane?
SD Boger, D Hansen
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 22 (6), 511-527, 2004
Isotopic and geochemical constraints on the age and origin of granitoids from the central Mawson Escarpment, southern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica
SD Boger, R Maas, CM Fanning
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 155, 379-400, 2008
The metamorphic evolution of metapelitic granulites from Radok Lake, northern Prince Charles Mountains, east Antarctica; evidence for an anticlockwise P–T path
SD Boger, RW White
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 21 (3), 285-298, 2003
Basement interpretations from airborne magnetic and gravity data over the Lambert Rift region of East Antarctica
MA McLean, CJL Wilson, SD Boger, PG Betts, TJ Rawling, D Damaske
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 114 (B6), 2009
Geology and SHRIMP U-Pb zircon chronology of the Clemence Massif, central Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica
AF Corvino, SD Boger, CJL Wilson, ICW Fitzsimons
Terra Antartica 12 (1/2), 55, 2005
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