Nancy Auerbach
Nancy Auerbach
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Plant communities of a tussock tundra landscape in the Brooks Range Foothills, Alaska
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Effects of changing power plant NOx emissions on ozone in the eastern United States: Proof of concept
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Energy and trace-gas fluxes across a soil pH boundary in the Arctic
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Conservation research is not happening where it is most needed
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A decision tree for assessing the risks and benefits of publishing biodiversity data
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Effects of threat management interactions on conservation priorities
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Landcover of the Kuparuk river basin, Alaska
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Land cover map of the Kuparuk River basin, Alaska
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Snowpack and the subnivean environment for different aspects of an open meadow in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
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Building community sustainability with geographic information systems
DS Hovorka, NA Auerbach
Preliminary vegetation map, Kuparuk Basin, Alaska: a Landsat-derived classification
NA Auerbach, DA Walker
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1995
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