Lukas Cizek
Lukas Cizek
Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre CAS
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Low host specificity of herbivorous insects in a tropical forest
V Novotny, Y Basset, SE Miller, GD Weiblen, B Bremer, L Cizek, P Drozd
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Arthropod diversity in a tropical forest
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Host specialization of leaf‐chewing insects in a New Guinea rainforest
V Novotny, Y Basset, SE Miller, P Drozd, L Cizek
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Demography and dispersal ability of a threatened saproxylic beetle: a mark-recapture study of the Rosalia Longicorn (Rosalia alpina)
L Drag, D Hauck, P Pokluda, K Zimmermann, L Cizek
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Ohrožený hmyz nelesních stanovišť: ochrana a management
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An altitudinal comparison of caterpillar (Lepidoptera) assemblages on Ficus trees in Papua New Guinea
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Is active management the key to the conservation of saproxylic biodiversity? Pollarding promotes the formation of tree hollows
P Sebek, J Altman, M Platek, L Cizek
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Ohrožený hmyz nížinných lesů: ochrana a management
M Konvička, L Čížek, J Beneš
Sagittaria, 2004
Colonising aliens: caterpillars (Lepidoptera) feeding on Piper aduncum and P. umbellatum in rainforests of Papua New Guinea
V Novotny, SE Miller, L Cizek, J Leps, M Janda, Y Basset, GD Weiblen, ...
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The effects of edge-interior and understorey-canopy gradients on the distribution of saproxylic beetles in a temperate lowland forest
Š Vodka, L Cizek
Forest Ecology and Management 304, 33-41, 2013
Erasing a European biodiversity hot-spot: open woodlands, veteran trees and mature forests succumb to forestry intensification, succession, and logging in a UNESCO Biosphere …
J Miklín, L Čížek
Journal for Nature Conservation 22 (1), 35-41, 2014
Local species richness of leaf‐chewing insects feeding on woody plants from one hectare of a lowland rainforest
V Novotny, Y Basset, SE Miller, RL Kitching, M Laidlaw, P Drozd, L Cizek
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Range expansion of an endangered beetle: Alpine Longhorn Rosalia alpina (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) spreads to the lowlands of Central Europe
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Host plant defences and voltinism in European butterflies
L Cizek, Z Fric, M Konvicka
Ecological Entomology 31 (4), 337-344, 2006
Does a minimal intervention approach threaten the biodiversity of protected areas? A multi-taxa short-term response to intervention in temperate oak-dominated forests
P Sebek, R Bace, M Bartos, J Benes, Z Chlumska, J Dolezal, M Dvorsky, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 358, 80-89, 2015
Arthropod distribution in a tropical rainforest: tackling a four dimensional puzzle
Y Basset, L Cizek, P Cuénoud, RK Didham, V Novotny, F Ødegaard, ...
PloS one 10 (12), 2015
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