Rolf Johansson, MD, PhD, IEEE Fellow
Rolf Johansson, MD, PhD, IEEE Fellow
Professor of Control Science, Director Robotics Laboratory
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System modeling and identification
R Johansson
Prentice-hall, 1993
Handbook of hybrid systems control: theory, tools, applications
J Lunze, F Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue
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Human postural dynamics.
R Johansson, M Magnusson
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Identification of human postural dynamics
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LuGre-model-based friction compensation
L Freidovich, A Robertsson, A Shiriaev, R Johansson
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Significance of pressor input from the human feet in lateral postural control: The effect of hypothermia on galvanically induced body-sway
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Cost-efficient drilling using industrial robots with high-bandwidth force feedback
T Olsson, M Haage, H Kihlman, R Johansson, K Nilsson, A Robertsson, ...
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Quadratic Optimization of Motion Coordination and Control
R Johansson
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Extending an industrial robot controller: implementation and applications of a fast open sensor interface
A Blomdell, G Bolmsjo, T Brogardh, P Cederberg, M Isaksson, ...
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Diabetes mellitus modeling and short-term prediction based on blood glucose measurements
F Ståhl, R Johansson
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Identification of continuous-time models
R Johansson
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Effects of 24-h and 36-h sleep deprivation on human postural control and adaptation
M Patel, S Gomez, S Berg, P Almbladh, J Lindblad, H Petersen, ...
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Force controlled robotic assembly without a force sensor
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Virtual-constraints-based design of stable oscillations of Furuta pendulum: theory and experiments
A Shiriaev, L Freidovich, A Robertsson, R Johansson
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Periodic motions of the pendubot via virtual holonomic constraints: Theory and experiments
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Adaptive control of robot manipulator motion
R Johansson
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Virtual-holonomic-constraints-based design of stable oscillations of Furuta pendulum: Theory and experiments
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Stop and go controller for adaptive cruise control
M Persson, F Botling, E Hesslow, R Johansson
Proceedings of the 1999 IEEE International Conference on Control …, 1999
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