Yin-Chen He (何寅琛)
Yin-Chen He (何寅琛)
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Signatures of Dirac cones in a DMRG study of the kagome Heisenberg model
YC He, MP Zaletel, M Oshikawa, F Pollmann
Physical Review X 7 (3), 031020, 2017
Chiral spin liquid in a frustrated anisotropic kagome Heisenberg model
YC He, DN Sheng, Y Chen
Physical review letters 112 (13), 137202, 2014
Dirac Spin Liquid on the Spin- Triangular Heisenberg Antiferromagnet
S Hu, W Zhu, S Eggert, YC He
Physical review letters 123 (20), 207203, 2019
Unifying description of competing orders in two-dimensional quantum magnets
XY Song, C Wang, A Vishwanath, YC He
Nature communications 10 (1), 4254, 2019
Distinct Spin Liquids and Their Transitions in Spin-1/2 X X Z Kagome Antiferromagnets
YC He, Y Chen
Physical review letters 114 (3), 037201, 2015
Bosonic integer quantum hall effect in an interacting lattice model
YC He, S Bhattacharjee, R Moessner, F Pollmann
Physical review letters 115 (11), 116803, 2015
Realizing and adiabatically preparing bosonic integer and fractional quantum Hall states in optical lattices
YC He, F Grusdt, A Kaufman, M Greiner, A Vishwanath
Physical Review B 96 (20), 201103, 2017
From spinon band topology to the symmetry quantum numbers of monopoles in Dirac spin liquids
XY Song, YC He, A Vishwanath, C Wang
Physical Review X 10 (1), 011033, 2020
Symmetric fermion mass generation as deconfined quantum criticality
YZ You, YC He, C Xu, A Vishwanath
Physical Review X 8 (1), 011026, 2018
Continuous easy-plane deconfined phase transition on the kagome lattice
XF Zhang, YC He, S Eggert, R Moessner, F Pollmann
Physical review letters 120 (11), 115702, 2018
Obtaining topological degenerate ground states by the density matrix renormalization group
YC He, DN Sheng, Y Chen
Physical Review B 89 (7), 075110, 2014
From bosonic topological transition to symmetric fermion mass generation
YZ You, YC He, A Vishwanath, C Xu
Physical Review B 97 (12), 125112, 2018
Critical behavior of the -Gross-Neveu model: Duality and deconfined criticality
L Janssen, YC He
Physical Review B 96 (20), 205113, 2017
Emergent Multi-Flavor at the Plateau Transition between Fractional Chern Insulators: Applications to Graphene Heterostructures
JY Lee, C Wang, MP Zaletel, A Vishwanath, YC He
Physical Review X 8 (3), 031015, 2018
Entanglement signatures of emergent Dirac fermions: Kagome spin liquid and quantum criticality
W Zhu, X Chen, YC He, W Witczak-Krempa
Science Advances 4 (11), eaat5535, 2018
Electric polarization as a nonquantized topological response and boundary Luttinger theorem
XY Song, YC He, A Vishwanath, C Wang
Physical Review Research 3 (2), 023011, 2021
Reconstructing entanglement Hamiltonian via entanglement eigenstates
W Zhu, Z Huang, YC He
Physical Review B 99 (23), 235109, 2019
Stiefel liquids: Possible non-Lagrangian quantum criticality from intertwined orders
L Zou, YC He, C Wang
Physical Review X 11 (3), 031043, 2021
Field-induced -Chern-Simons quantum criticalities in Kitaev materials
L Zou, YC He
Physical Review Research 2 (1), 013072, 2020
Uncovering Conformal Symmetry in the 3D Ising Transition: State-Operator Correspondence from a Quantum Fuzzy Sphere Regularization
W Zhu, C Han, E Huffman, JS Hofmann, YC He
Physical Review X 13 (2), 021009, 2023
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