Yoon-Kyung Choi
Yoon-Kyung Choi
Korea University
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Touch controller having increased sensing sensitivity, and display driving circuit and display device and system having the touch controller
HR Kim, YK Choi, HH Cho, SW Kim, H Ahn, H Kwon, J Park, S Byun, ...
US Patent App. 12/608,372, 2010
Method and apparatus compensating noise in touch panel
S Byun, YK Choi
US Patent 8,736,573, 2014
FPGA implementation of ICA algorithm for blind signal separation and adaptive noise canceling
CM Kim, HM Park, T Kim, YK Choi, SY Lee
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 14 (5), 1038-1046, 2003
A mobile-display-driver IC embedding a capacitive-touch-screen controller system
HR Kim, YK Choi, SH Byun, SW Kim, KH Choi, HY Ahn, JK Park, DY Lee, ...
2010 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference-(ISSCC), 114-115, 2010
Method and apparatus compensating parasitic capacitance in touch panel
S Byun, YK Choi, JH Baek
US Patent App. 13/076,686, 2011
Large size capacitive touch screen panel
HR Kim, YK Choi
US Patent 8,633,903, 2014
Hybrid digital to analog converter, source driver, and liquid crystal display device
JH Baek, YK Choi, OK Kwon
US Patent 8,581,824, 2013
A capacitive touch controller robust to display noise for ultrathin touch screen displays
KD Kim, SH Byun, YK Choi, JH Baek, HH Cho, JK Park, HY Ahn, CJ Lee, ...
2012 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, 116-117, 2012
Circuits and methods for improving slew rate of differential amplifiers
YK Choi
US Patent 7,652,538, 2010
Method and apparatus for correcting touch coordinates in touch system
J Park, CJ Lee, YK Choi
US Patent App. 13/158,567, 2011
A 10b column driver with variable-current-control interpolation for mobile active-matrix LCDs
HM Lee, YJ Jeon, SW Lee, GH Cho, HR Kim, YK Choi, M Lee
2009 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference-Digest of Technical …, 2009
A piecewise linear 10 bit DAC architecture with drain current modulation for compact LCD driver ICs
YJ Jeon, HM Lee, SW Lee, GH Cho, HR Kim, YK Choi, M Lee
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 44 (12), 3659-3675, 2009
A compact low-power CDAC architecture for mobile TFT-LCD driver ICs
YK Choi, ZY Wu, KM Kim, YH Lee, MS Cho, HS Kim, DH Lee, WG Jung
2008 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference-Digest of Technical …, 2008
Touch analog front end and touch sensor controller having the same
S Kang, S Byun, J Lee, C Kim, B Kim, J Park, P Hojin, H Ouh, KH Lee, ...
US Patent 9,898,149, 2018
A fully-differential capacitive touch controller with input common-mode feedback for symmetric display noise cancellation
KD Kim, S Kang, YK Choi, KH Lee, CH Lee, J Lee, M Choi, K Ko, J Jung, ...
2014 Symposium on VLSI Circuits Digest of Technical Papers, 1-2, 2014
Image data compressing and decompressing methods and display driving device using the same
HH Cho, SW Kim, YY Choi, Y Choi, J Yu
US Patent 9,071,838, 2015
Touch controllers, methods thereof, and devices having the touch controllers
S Byun, KD Kim, YK Choi
US Patent 9,195,353, 2015
Adaptive digital filtering method and apparatus in touch sensing system
J Park, H Ahn, YK Choi
US Patent 9,134,857, 2015
Digital-to-analog conversion circuit and column driver including the same
GH Cho, YK Choi, HR Kim, YJ Jeon, HM Lee, SW Lee
US Patent 7,948,418, 2011
A piecewise-linear 10b DAC architecture with drain-current modulation for compact AMLCD driver ICs
YJ Jeon, HM Lee, SW Lee, GH Cho, HR Kim, YK Choi, M Lee
2009 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference-Digest of Technical …, 2009
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