Allan T. Souza
Allan T. Souza
Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre CAS
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Fish and mussels: importance of fish for freshwater mussel conservation
V Modesto, M Ilarri, AT Souza, M Lopes‐Lima, K Douda, M Clavero, ...
Fish and Fisheries 19 (2), 244-259, 2018
Effects of tourist visitation and supplementary feeding on fish assemblage composition on a tropical reef in the Southwestern Atlantic
MDI Ilarri, AT Souza, PR Medeiros, RG Grempel, IML Rosa
Neotropical Ichthyology 6, 651-656, 2008
iEcology: harnessing large online resources to generate ecological insights
I Jarić, RA Correia, BW Brook, JC Buettel, F Courchamp, E Di Minin, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 35 (7), 630-639, 2020
Influence of the invasive Asian clam Corbicula fluminea (Bivalvia: Corbiculidae) on estuarine epibenthic assemblages
MI Ilarri, AT Souza, C Antunes, L Guilhermino, R Sousa
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 143, 12-19, 2014
Effects of recreational activities on the fish assemblage structure in a northeastern Brazilian reef
PR Medeiros, RG Grempel, AT Souza, MI Ilarri, CLS Sampaio
Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences 2 (3), 288-300, 2007
Rapid decline of the greater European peaclam at the periphery of its distribution
R Sousa, M Ilarri, AT Souza, C Antunes, L Guilhermino
Annales de Limnologie-International Journal of Limnology 47 (3), 211-219, 2011
Population ecology and habitat preferences of juvenile flounder Platichthys flesus (Actinopterygii: Pleuronectidae) in a temperate estuary
AT Souza, E Dias, A Nogueira, J Campos, JC Marques, I Martins
Journal of Sea Research 79, 60-69, 2013
Habitat use and behavioural ecology of the juveniles of two sympatric damselfishes (Actinopterygii: Pomacentridae) in the south‐western Atlantic Ocean
PR Medeiros, AT Souza, MI Ilarri
Journal of Fish Biology 77 (7), 1599-1615, 2010
Habitat use, feeding and territorial behavior of a Brazilian endemic damselfish Stegastes rocasensis (Actinopterygii: Pomacentridae)
AT Souza, MI Ilarri, IL Rosa
Environmental Biology of Fishes 91 (2), 133-144, 2011
Effects of the invasive clam Corbicula fluminea (Müller, 1774) on an estuarine microbial community
A Novais, AT Souza, M Ilarri, C Pascoal, R Sousa
Science of the Total Environment 566, 1168-1175, 2016
Facilitation in the low intertidal: effects of an invasive species on the structure of an estuarine macrozoobenthic assemblage
A Novais, AT Souza, M Ilarri, C Pascoal, R Sousa
Marine Ecology Progress Series 522, 157-167, 2015
Contrasting decay rates of freshwater bivalves’ shells: Aquatic versus terrestrial habitats
MI Ilarri, AT Souza, R Sousa
Limnologica 51, 8-14, 2015
From water to land: how an invasive clam may function as a resource pulse to terrestrial invertebrates
A Novais, AT Souza, M Ilarri, C Pascoal, R Sousa
Science of the Total Environment 538, 664-671, 2015
Fishes (Elasmobranchii and Actinopterygii) of Picãozinho reef, Northeastern Brazil, with notes on their conservation status
Zootaxa 1608, 11-19, 2007
Feeding association between reef fishes and the fire coral Millepora spp.(Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)
PHC Pereira, ICS Leal, ME de Araújo, AT Souza
Marine Biodiversity Records 5, 2012
Non-random reef use by fishes at two dominant zones in a tropical, algal-dominated coastal reef
PR Medeiros, RG Grempel, AT Souza, MI Ilarri, RS Rosa
Environmental biology of fishes 87 (3), 237-246, 2010
Differences in the neighborhood: Structural variations in the carapace of shore crabs Carcinus maenas (Decapoda: Portunidae)
AT Souza, MI Ilarri, J Campos, JC Marques, I Martins
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 95 (4), 424-430, 2011
Antipredator Defense and Phenotypic Plasticity of Sclerites From Renilla muelleri, a Tropical Sea Pansy
EEG Clavico, AT De Souza, BAP Da Gama, RC Pereira
The Biological Bulletin 213 (2), 135-140, 2007
Physical legacy of freshwater bivalves: effects of habitat complexity on the taxonomical and functional diversity of invertebrates
MI Ilarri, L Amorim, AT Souza, R Sousa
Science of the Total Environment 634, 1398-1405, 2018
Differences in the macrozoobenthic fauna colonising empty bivalve shells before and after invasion by Corbicula fluminea
MI Ilarri, AT Souza, V Modesto, L Guilhermino, R Sousa
Marine and Freshwater Research 66 (6), 549-558, 2015
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