Dr. Ravi Bathe
Dr. Ravi Bathe
Scientist at ARCI, India
E-mailová adresa ověřena na: arci.res.in
Transition-element doping effects in La 0.7 Ca 0.3 MnO 3
K Ghosh, SB Ogale, R Ramesh, RL Greene, T Venkatesan, KM Gapchup, ...
Physical Review B 59 (1), 533, 1999
Transport properties, magnetic ordering, and hyperfine interactions in Fe-doped La 0.75 Ca 0.25 MnO 3: Localization-delocalization transition
SB Ogale, R Shreekala, R Bathe, SK Date, SI Patil, B Hannoyer, F Petit, ...
Physical Review B 57 (13), 7841, 1998
Electrical, thermal, and microstructural characteristics of Ti/Al/Ti/Au multilayer Ohmic contacts to -type GaN
A Motayed, R Bathe, MC Wood, OS Diouf, RD Vispute, SN Mohammad
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Laser surface texturing of gray cast iron for improving tribological behavior
R Bathe, VS Krishna, SK Nikumb, G Padmanabham
Applied Physics A 117 (1), 117-123, 2014
Evaluation of manganite films on silicon for uncooled bolometric applications
RJ Choudhary, AS Ogale, SR Shinde, S Hullavarad, SB Ogale, ...
Applied physics letters 84 (19), 3846-3848, 2004
Influence of 90 MeV oxygen ion induced disorder on the magnetotransport in epitaxial thin films
SB Ogale, K Ghosh, JY Gu, R Shreekala, SR Shinde, M Downes, ...
Journal of applied physics 84 (11), 6255-6261, 1998
Silver ion implantation in epitaxial thin films: Large temperature coefficient of resistance for bolometric applications
R Bathe, KP Adhi, SI Patil, G Marest, B Hannoyer, SB Ogale
Applied Physics Letters 76 (15), 2104-2106, 2000
Colossal magnetoresistance and hyperfine interactions in iron-doped La 0.75 Ca 0.25 MnO 3
B Hannoyer, G Marest, JM Greneche, R Bathe, SI Patil, SB Ogale
Physical Review B 61 (14), 9613, 2000
Fluxless arc weld-brazing of aluminium alloy to steel
KP Yagati, RN Bathe, KV Rajulapati, KBS Rao, G Padmanabham
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 214 (12), 2949-2959, 2014
Multi-objective optimisation of pulsed Nd: YAG laser cutting process using integrated ANN–NSGAII model
S Chaki, RN Bathe, S Ghosal, G Padmanabham
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 29 (1), 175-190, 2018
Swift heavy ion irradiation effects on transport properties of epitaxial thin films of La1-x Ca x MnO3
R Kumar, SK Arora, D Kanjilal, GK Mehta, R Bathe, SK Date, SR Shinde, ...
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Columnar defect induced phase transformation in epitaxial films
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Journal of Applied Physics 87 (9), 4210-4215, 2000
AlN thin films deposited by pulsed laser ablation, sputtering and filtered arc techniques
R Bathe, RD Vispute, D Habersat, RP Sharma, T Venkatesan, CJ Scozzie, ...
Thin Solid Films 398, 575-580, 2001
Electronic transport and noise studies in 250 MeV ion irradiated thin films
SK Arora, R Kumar, R Singh, D Kanjilal, GK Mehta, R Bathe, SI Patil, ...
Journal of applied physics 86 (8), 4452-4457, 1999
Experimental investigation on mechanical and microstructural properties of AISI 304 to Cu joints by CO2 laser
BR Moharana, SK Sahu, SK Sahoo, R Bathe
Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal 19 (2), 684-690, 2016
90 MeV ion irradiation effects on transport and magnetization in epitaxial thin films of
R Bathe, SK Date, SR Shinde, LV Saraf, SB Ogale, SI Patil, R Kumar, ...
Journal of applied physics 83 (11), 7174-7176, 1998
Influence of temperature profile during laser welding of aluminum alloy 6061 T6 on microstructure and mechanical properties
D Narsimhachary, RN Bathe, G Padmanabham, A Basu
Materials and Manufacturing Processes 29 (8), 948-953, 2014
Structural, morphological, and electrical characterization of heteroepitaxial ZnO thin films deposited on Si (100) by pulsed laser deposition: Effect of annealing (800° C) in air
SM Jejurikar, AG Banpurkar, AV Limaye, SK Date, SI Patil, KP Adhi, ...
Journal of applied physics 99 (1), 014907, 2006
Influence of magnetic (Fe+ 3) and non-magnetic (Ga+ 3) ion doping at Mn-site on the transport and magnetic properties of La0. 7Ca0. 3MnO3
MS Sahasrabudhe, SI Patil, SK Date, KP Adhi, SD Kulkarni, PA Joy, ...
Solid state communications 137 (11), 595-600, 2006
Microwave-hydrothermal accelerated solid state reaction route for the synthesis of La0. 5Ba0. 5MnO3
SA Mirji, YB Khollam, SB Deshpande, HS Potdar, RN Bathe, SR Sainkar, ...
Materials letters 58 (5), 837-841, 2004
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