Stefanos Papanikolaou
Stefanos Papanikolaou
NOMATEN Centre of Excellence, NCBJ, Warsaw, Poland
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Universality beyond power laws and the average avalanche shape
S Papanikolaou, F Bohn, RL Sommer, G Durin, S Zapperi, JP Sethna
Nature Physics 7 (4), 316-320, 2011
Minimal model of plasma membrane heterogeneity requires coupling cortical actin to criticality
BB Machta, S Papanikolaou, JP Sethna, SL Veatch
Biophysical journal 100 (7), 1668-1677, 2011
Quasi-periodic events in crystal plasticity and the self-organized avalanche oscillator
S Papanikolaou, DM Dimiduk, W Choi, JP Sethna, MD Uchic, ...
Nature 490 (7421), 517-521, 2012
Isostaticity at frictional jamming
S Papanikolaou, CS O’Hern, MD Shattuck
Physical review letters 110 (19), 198002, 2013
Avalanches and plastic flow in crystal plasticity: an overview
S Papanikolaou, Y Cui, N Ghoniem
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 26 (1), 013001, 2017
Electronic states of graphene grain boundaries
A Mesaros, S Papanikolaou, CFJ Flipse, D Sadri, J Zaanen
Physical Review B 82 (20), 205119, 2010
Quantum criticality, lines of fixed points, and phase separation in doped two-dimensional quantum dimer models
S Papanikolaou, E Luijten, E Fradkin
Physical Review B 76 (13), 134514, 2007
Striped holographic superconductor
R Flauger, E Pajer, S Papanikolaou
Physical Review D 83 (6), 064009, 2011
Topological phases and topological entropy of two-dimensional systems with finite correlation length
S Papanikolaou, KS Raman, E Fradkin
Physical Review B 76 (22), 224421, 2007
Universality of liquid-gas Mott transitions at finite temperatures
S Papanikolaou, RM Fernandes, E Fradkin, PW Phillips, J Schmalian, ...
Physical review letters 100 (2), 026408, 2008
Obstacles and sources in dislocation dynamics: Strengthening and statistics of abrupt plastic events in nanopillar compression
S Papanikolaou, H Song, E Van der Giessen
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 102, 17-29, 2017
Bending crystals: emergence of fractal dislocation structures
YS Chen, W Choi, S Papanikolaou, JP Sethna
Physical review letters 105 (10), 105501, 2010
Scaling theory of continuum dislocation dynamics in three dimensions: Self-organized fractal pattern formation
YS Chen, W Choi, S Papanikolaou, M Bierbaum, JP Sethna
International Journal of Plasticity 46, 94-129, 2013
Computational studies of the glass-forming ability of model bulk metallic glasses
K Zhang, M Wang, S Papanikolaou, Y Liu, J Schroers, MD Shattuck, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 139 (12), 124503, 2013
Avalanche spatial structure and multivariable scaling functions: Sizes, heights, widths, and views through windows
YJ Chen, S Papanikolaou, JP Sethna, S Zapperi, G Durin
Physical Review E 84 (6), 061103, 2011
Discrete dislocation dynamics simulations of nanoindentation with pre-stress: Hardness and statistics of abrupt plastic events
H Song, H Yavas, E Van der Giessen, S Papanikolaou
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 123, 332-347, 2019
Universality class of nanocrystal plasticity: localization and self-organization in discrete dislocation dynamics
H Song, D Dimiduk, S Papanikolaou
Physical review letters 122 (17), 178001, 2019
The origins of Asteroidal rock disaggregation: Interplay of thermal fatigue and microstructure
K Hazeli, C El Mir, S Papanikolaou, M Delbo, KT Ramesh
Icarus 304, 172-182, 2018
Devil’s staircases, quantum dimer models, and stripe formation in strong coupling models of quantum frustration
S Papanikolaou, KS Raman, E Fradkin
Physical Review B 75 (9), 094406, 2007
Laning and clustering transitions in driven binary active matter systems
C Reichhardt, J Thibault, S Papanikolaou, CJO Reichhardt
Physical Review E 98 (2), 022603, 2018
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