David L Dawson
David L Dawson
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COVID-19: Psychological flexibility, coping, mental health, and wellbeing in the UK during the pandemic
DL Dawson, N Golijani-Moghaddam
Journal of contextual behavioral science 17, 126-134, 2020
The development and validation of the Comprehensive assessment of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy processes (CompACT)
AW Francis, DL Dawson, N Golijani-Moghaddam
Journal of contextual behavioral science 5 (3), 134-145, 2016
The Acceptance and Action Questionnaire-II (AAQ-II) as a measure of experiential avoidance: Concerns over discriminant validity
I Tyndall, D Waldeck, L Pancani, R Whelan, B Roche, DL Dawson
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Pornography addiction in adults: A systematic review of definitions and reported impact
A Duffy, DL Dawson, R Das Nair
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Assessing the implicit beliefs of sexual offenders using the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure: A first study
DL Dawson, D Barnes-Holmes, DM Gresswell, AJ Hart, NJ Gore
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Parental bonding and eating disorders: A systematic review
A Tetley, NG Moghaddam, DL Dawson, M Rennoldson
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Anxiety and avoidance in psychogenic nonepileptic seizures: the role of implicit and explicit anxiety
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What characteristics do service users with intellectual disability value in direct support staff within residential forensic services?
R Clarkson, GH Murphy, JB Coldwell, DL Dawson
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An Australian story: paramedic education and practice in transition
K O'Brien, A Moore, D Dawson, P Hartley
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Female-perpetrated sexual abuse: A review of victim and professional perspectives
H Clements, DL Dawson, R Das Nair
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Forced retirement from professional rugby union is associated with symptoms of distress
JC Brown, G Kerkhoffs, MI Lambert, V Gouttebarge
International journal of sports medicine 38 (08), 582-587, 2017
Lessons about work readiness from final year paramedic students in an Australian university
K O'Brien, A Moore, P Hartley, D Dawson
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The effectiveness and acceptability of a guided self-help Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) intervention for psychogenic nonepileptic seizures
R Barrett-Naylor, DM Gresswell, DL Dawson
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An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) intervention for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS): a case series approach
L Roche, DL Dawson, NG Moghaddam, A Abey, DM Gresswell
Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science 6 (2), 178-186, 2017
ACTing towards better living during COVID-19: The effects of Acceptance and Commitment therapy for individuals affected by COVID-19
K Shepherd, N Golijani-Moghaddam, DL Dawson
Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science 23, 98-108, 2022
Implicit and explicit self-esteem discrepancies in people with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures
LV Dimaro, NA Roberts, NG Moghaddam, DL Dawson, I Brown, M Reuber
Epilepsy & Behavior 46, 109-117, 2015
A lack of association between online pornography exposure, sexual functioning, and mental well-being
R Charig, NG Moghaddam, DL Dawson, HL Merdian, R Das Nair
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The effectiveness of Theraplay for children under 12–a systematic literature review
R Money, S Wilde, D Dawson
Child and Adolescent Mental Health 26 (3), 238-251, 2021
Formulation in action: an introduction
D Dawson, N Moghaddam
Formulation in action: applying psychological theory to clinical practice …, 2015
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