Xabier Garcia de Albeniz
Xabier Garcia de Albeniz
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
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Chemoradiation, surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy versus induction chemotherapy followed by chemoradiation and surgery: long-term results of the Spanish GCR-3 phase II …
C Fernandez-Martos, X Garcia-Albeniz, C Pericay, J Maurel, J Aparicio, ...
Annals of Oncology 26 (8), 1722-1728, 2015
Avoidable flaws in observational analyses: an application to statins and cancer
BA Dickerman, X García-Albéniz, RW Logan, S Denaxas, MA Hernán
Nature medicine 25 (10), 1601-1606, 2019
Aspirin for the prevention of colorectal cancer
X Garcia-Albeniz, AT Chan
Best practice & research Clinical gastroenterology 25 (4-5), 461-472, 2011
Colon cancer cells colonize the lung from established liver metastases through p38 MAPK signalling and PTHLH
J Urosevic, X Garcia-Albeniz, E Planet, S Real, MV Céspedes, M Guiu, ...
Nature cell biology 16 (7), 685-694, 2014
Examining bias in studies of statin treatment and survival in patients with cancer
L Emilsson, X García-Albéniz, RW Logan, EC Caniglia, M Kalager, ...
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Clinical relevance of colorectal cancer molecular subtypes
N Rodriguez-Salas, G Dominguez, R Barderas, M Mendiola, ...
Critical reviews in oncology/hematology 109, 9-19, 2017
The value of explicitly emulating a target trial when using real world evidence: an application to colorectal cancer screening
X García-Albéniz, J Hsu, MA Hernán
European journal of epidemiology 32, 495-500, 2017
Effectiveness of screening colonoscopy to prevent colorectal cancer among Medicare beneficiaries aged 70 to 79 years: a prospective observational study
X García-Albéniz, J Hsu, M Bretthauer, MA Hernán
Annals of internal medicine 166 (1), 18-26, 2017
Serum matrix metalloproteinase 7 levels identifies poor prognosis advanced colorectal cancer patients
J Maurel, C Nadal, X Garcia‐Albeniz, R Gallego, E Carcereny, ...
International journal of cancer 121 (5), 1066-1071, 2007
Enhanced MAF oncogene expression and breast cancer bone metastasis
M Pavlovic, A Arnal-Estapé, F Rojo, A Bellmunt, M Tarragona, M Guiu, ...
Journal of the National Cancer Institute 107 (12), djv256, 2015
A prospective study of macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (MIC-1/GDF15) and risk of colorectal cancer
RS Mehta, M Song, N Bezawada, K Wu, X Garcia-Albeniz, T Morikawa, ...
Journal of the National Cancer Institute 106 (4), dju016, 2014
Multicenter phase II study of oxaliplatin and sorafenib in advanced gastric adenocarcinoma after failure of cisplatin and fluoropyrimidine treatment. A GEMCAD study
M Martin-Richard, R Gallego, C Pericay, JG Foncillas, B Queralt, ...
Investigational new drugs 31, 1573-1579, 2013
Accurate expression profiling of very small cell populations
E Gonzalez-Roca, X Garcia-Albéniz, S Rodriguez-Mulero, RR Gomis, ...
PloS one 5 (12), e14418, 2010
Estimates of overall survival in patients with cancer receiving different treatment regimens: emulating hypothetical target trials in the surveillance, epidemiology, and end …
LC Petito, X García-Albéniz, RW Logan, N Howlader, AB Mariotto, ...
JAMA network open 3 (3), e200452-e200452, 2020
Immediate versus deferred initiation of androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer patients with PSA-only relapse. An observational follow-up study
X Garcia-Albeniz, JM Chan, A Paciorek, RW Logan, SA Kenfield, ...
European Journal of Cancer 51 (7), 817-824, 2015
Nuclear factor‐kappa B and interleukin‐6 related docetaxel resistance in castration‐resistant prostate cancer
J Codony‐Servat, M Marín‐Aguilera, L Visa, X García‐Albéniz, E Pineda, ...
The Prostate 73 (5), 512-521, 2013
Nuclear IGF-1R predicts chemotherapy and targeted therapy resistance in metastatic colorectal cancer
J Codony-Servat, M Cuatrecasas, E Asensio, C Montironi, ...
British journal of cancer 117 (12), 1777-1786, 2017
Role of surgery in patients with recurrent, metastatic, or unresectable locally advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumors sensitive to imatinib: a retrospective analysis of the …
J Rubió-Casadevall, J Martinez-Trufero, X Garcia-Albeniz, S Calabuig, ...
Annals of surgical oncology 22, 2948-2957, 2015
Phase II randomised trial of autologous tumour lysate dendritic cell plus best supportive care compared with best supportive care in pre-treated advanced colorectal cancer patients
M Caballero-Baños, D Benitez-Ribas, J Tabera, S Varea, R Vilana, ...
European Journal of Cancer 64, 167-174, 2016
The role of stage at diagnosis in colorectal cancer black–white survival disparities: a counterfactual causal inference approach
L Valeri, JT Chen, X Garcia-Albeniz, N Krieger, TJ VanderWeele, ...
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 25 (1), 83-89, 2016
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