Pavel Lejček
Pavel Lejček
Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
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Grain Boundary Segregation in Metals
P Lejček
Thermodynamics and structural aspects of grain boundary segregation
P Lejček, S Hofmann
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Characterization of grain boundary segregation in an Fe-Si alloy
P Lejček
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Segregation enthalpies of phosphorus, carbon and silicon at {013} and {012} symmetrical tilt grain boundaries in an Fe-3.5 at.% Si alloy
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Interfacial and surface microchemistry.
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Grain boundaries: description, structure and thermodynamics
P Lejček
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Why calculated energies of grain boundary segregation are unreliable when segregant solubility is low
P Lejček, M Šob, V Paidar, V Vitek
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Twin nucleation at grain boundaries in Mg–3 wt.% Al–1 wt.% Zn alloy processed by equal channel angular pressing
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Grain boundary segregation diagrams of α-iron
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Effect of Ca-addition on dynamic recrystallization of Mg–Zn alloy during hot deformation
M Hradilova, F Montheillet, A Fraczkiewicz, C Desrayaud, P Lejček
Materials Science and Engineering: A 580, 217-226, 2013
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