Michal Strejček
Michal Strejček
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Stable isotope probing in the metagenomics era: a bridge towards improved bioremediation
O Uhlik, MC Leewis, M Strejcek, L Musilova, M Mackova, MB Leigh, ...
Biotechnology advances 31 (2), 154-165, 2013
Identification of bacteria utilizing biphenyl, benzoate, and naphthalene in long-term contaminated soil
O Uhlik, J Wald, M Strejcek, L Musilova, J Ridl, M Hroudova, C Vlcek, ...
PloS one 7 (7), e40653, 2012
Selenium hyperaccumulators harbor a diverse endophytic bacterial community characterized by high selenium resistance and plant growth promoting properties
M Sura-de Jong, RJB Reynolds, K Richterova, L Musilova, LC Staicu, ...
Frontiers in plant science 6, 113, 2015
Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI)-time of flight mass spectrometry-and MALDI biotyper-based identification of cultured biphenyl-metabolizing bacteria from …
O Uhlik, M Strejcek, P Junkova, M Sanda, M Hroudova, C Vlcek, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 77 (19), 6858-6866, 2011
Plants rather than mineral fertilization shape microbial community structure and functional potential in legacy contaminated soil
J Ridl, M Kolar, M Strejcek, H Strnad, P Stursa, J Paces, T Macek, O Uhlik
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 995, 2016
Whole-cell MALDI-TOF MS versus 16S rRNA gene analysis for identification and dereplication of recurrent bacterial isolates
M Strejcek, T Smrhova, P Junkova, O Uhlik
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 1294, 2018
Secondary compound hypothesis revisited: selected plant secondary metabolites promote bacterial degradation of cis-1, 2-dichloroethylene (cDCE)
S Fraraccio, M Strejcek, I Dolinova, T Macek, O Uhlik
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
Identification and characterization of bacteria with bioremediation potential: From cultivation to metagenomics
O Uhlik, M Strejcek, M Hroudova, K Demnerova, T Macek
Chemické listy 107 (8), 614-622, 2013
Complete genome sequence of Pseudomonas alcaliphila JAB1 (=DSM 26533), a versatile degrader of organic pollutants
J Ridl, J Suman, S Fraraccio, M Hradilova, M Strejcek, T Cajthaml, ...
Standards in genomic sciences 13 (1), 3, 2018
Bacterial acquisition of hexachlorobenzene-derived carbon in contaminated soil
O Uhlik, M Strejcek, J Vondracek, L Musilova, J Ridl, P Lovecka, T Macek
Chemosphere 113, 141-145, 2014
Distinct communities of poplar endophytes on an unpolluted and a risk element-polluted site and their plant growth-promoting potential in vitro
CS Schmidt, P Lovecká, L Mrnka, A Vychodilová, M Strejček, M Fenclová, ...
Microbial ecology 75 (4), 955-969, 2018
Diversity of root-associated microbial populations of Tamarix parviflora cultivated under various conditions
M Polivkova, J Suman, M Strejcek, M Kracmarova, M Hradilova, A Filipova, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 125, 264-272, 2018
Bioremediation of chlorophenol-contaminated sawmill soil using pilot-scale bioreactors under consecutive anaerobic-aerobic conditions
E Lopez-Echartea, M Strejcek, V Mateju, S Vosahlova, R Kyclt, ...
Chemosphere 227, 670-680, 2019
Bacterial succession in oil-contaminated soil under phytoremediation with poplars
E Lopez-Echartea, M Strejcek, S Mukherjee, O Uhlik, K Yrjälä
Chemosphere 243, 125242, 2020
Diversity and phylogenetic composition of bacterial communities and their association with anthropogenic pollutants in sewage sludge
H Stiborova, M Strejcek, L Musilova, K Demnerova, O Uhlik
Chemosphere 238, 124629, 2020
Hunting Down Frame Shifts: Ecological Analysis of Diverse Functional Gene Sequences
M Strejcek, Q Wang, J Ridl, O Uhlik
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 1267, 2015
MALDI-TOF MS simple and rapid tool for identification of bacteria isolated from the environment
P Stursa, P Junková, M Strejcek, T Macek, M Macková
Listy Cukrovarnické a Reparské 126 (11), 412, 2010
Microbial communities in soils and endosphere of Solanum tuberosum L. and their response to long-term fertilization
M Kracmarova, J Karpiskova, O Uhlik, M Strejcek, J Szakova, J Balik, ...
Microorganisms 8 (9), 1377, 2020
21 Remediation of Sites Contaminated with Persistent Organic Pollutants
O Uhlik, L Musilova, M Strejcek, P Lovecká, T Macek, M Mackova
Phytotechnologies: Remediation of Environmental Contaminants, 391, 2012
Effect of chelated iron activated peroxydisulfate oxidation on perchloroethene-degrading microbial consortium
L McGachy, R Skarohlid, M Martinec, Z Roskova, T Smrhova, M Strejcek, ...
Chemosphere, 128928, 2020
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