Yao Shen
Yao Shen
Tongji University | Honorary from CASA (UCL)
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Urban function connectivity: Characterisation of functional urban streets with social media check-in data
Y Shen, K Karimi
Cities 55, 9-21, 2016
Street-Frontage-Net: urban image classification using deep convolutional neural networks
S Law, CI Seresinhe, Y Shen, M Gutierrez-Roig
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Understanding uneven urban expansion with natural cities using open data
Y Long, W Zhai, Y Shen, X Ye
Landscape and Urban Planning 177, 281-293, 2018
The economic value of streets: mix-scale spatio-functional interaction and housing price patterns
Y Shen, K Karimi
Applied Geography 79, 187-202, 2017
Mapping block-level urban areas for all Chinese cities
Y Long, Y Shen, X Jin
Annals of the American Association of Geographers 106 (1), 96-113, 2016
龙瀛, 沈尧
上海城市规划, 81-87, 2015
Inequalities in transit accessibility: Contributions from a comparative study between Global South and North metropolitan regions
M Giannotti, J Barros, DB Tomasiello, D Smith, B Pizzol, BM Santos, ...
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An application of convolutional neural network in street image classification: The case study of London
S Law, Y Shen, C Seresinhe
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning …, 2017
A compact city for the wealthy? Employment accessibility inequalities between occupational classes in the London metropolitan region 2011
DA Smith, Y Shen, J Barros, C Zhong, M Batty, M Giannotti
Journal of transport geography 86, 102767, 2020
Urban evolution as a spatio-functional interaction process: the case of central Shanghai
Y Shen, K Karimi
Journal of Urban Design 23 (1), 42-70, 2018
Segregation through space: A scope of the flow-based spatial interaction model
Y Shen
Journal of Transport Geography 76, 10-23, 2019
Mapping parcel-level urban areas for a large geographical area
Y Long, Y Shen
arXiv preprint arXiv:1403.5864, 2014
Delineating the perceived functional regions of London from commuting flows
Y Shen, M Batty
Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 51 (3), 547-550, 2019
Where to revitalize, and how? A rural typology zoning for China
Y Zhou, Y Shen, X Yang, Z Wang, L Xu
Land 10 (12), 1336, 2021
Physical co-presence intensity: Measuring dynamic face-to-face interaction potential in public space using social media check-in records
Y Shen, K Karimi, S Law, C Zhong
PloS one 14 (2), e0212004, 2019
Spatiotemporal patterns and mechanisms of street vending from the social sensing perspective: a comparison between law-enforcement reported and residents complain events
C Li, Y Huang, Y Shen, L Xu
Cities 124, 103597, 2022
Understanding the roles of urban configuration on spatial heterogeneity and submarket regionalisation of house price pattern in a mix-scale hedonic model: the case of Shanghai …
Y Shen, K Karimi
SSS 2015-10th International Space Syntax Symposium 10, 2015
Understanding functional urban centrality: spatio-functional interaction and its socio-economic impact in central Shanghai
Y Shen
UCL (University College London), 2017
大尺度城市设计的时间, 空间与人 (TSP) 模型——突破尺度与粒度的折中
龙瀛, 沈尧
城市建筑, 33-37, 2016
Crowd-sourced city images: Decoding multidimensional interaction between imagery elements with volunteered photos
Y Shen, Y Xu, L Liu
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 10 (11), 740, 2021
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