Volker Salewski
Volker Salewski
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Bergmann's rule; a concept cluster?
C Watt, S Mitchell, V Salewski
Oikos 119 (1), 89-100, 2010
The evolution of bird migration—a synthesis
V Salewski, B Bruderer
Naturwissenschaften 94 (4), 268-279, 2007
Atlas des Vogelzugs. Ringfunde deutscher Brut-und Gastvögel
F Bairlein, J Dierschke, V Dierschke, V Salewski, O Geiter, K Hüppop, ...
Aula-Verlag, 2014
Different wintering strategies of two Palearctic migrants in West Africa–a consequence of foraging strategies?
V Salewski, F Bairlein, B Leisler
Ibis 144 (1), 85-93, 2002
Barrier crossing in small avian migrants: individual tracking reveals prolonged nocturnal flights into the day as a common migratory strategy
P Adamík, T Emmenegger, M Briedis, L Gustafsson, I Henshaw, M Krist, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-9, 2016
Global warming and Bergmann’s rule: do central European passerines adjust their body size to rising temperatures?
V Salewski, WM Hochachka, W Fiedler
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Niche partitioning of two Palearctic passerine migrants with Afrotropical residents in their West African winter quarters
V Salewski, F Bairlein, B Leisler
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Palearctic passerines in Afrotropical environments: a review
V Salewski, P Jones
Journal of Ornithology 147 (2), 192-201, 2006
Bergmann's rule: a biophysiological rule examined in birds
V Salewski, C Watt
Oikos 126 (2), 2017
Stopover duration of Palearctic passerine migrants in the western Sahara–independent of fat stores?
V Salewski, M Schaub
Ibis 149 (2), 223-236, 2007
Satellite species in lampreys: a worldwide trend for ecological speciation in sympatry?
V Salewski
Journal of Fish Biology 63 (2), 267-279, 2003
Morphological sexing of passerines: not valid over larger geographical scales
H Ellrich, V Salewski, W Fiedler
Journal of Ornithology 151 (2), 449-458, 2010
Estimating fat and protein fuel from fat and muscle scores in passerines
V Salewski, M Kery, M Herremans, F Liechti, L Jenni
Ibis 151 (4), 640-653, 2009
Evolution of bird migration in a biogeographical context
B Bruderer, V Salewski
Journal of Biogeography 35 (11), 1951-1959, 2008
Numbers, foraging and refuelling of passerine migrants at a stopover site in the western Sahara: diverse strategies to cross a desert
S Jenni-Eiermann, B Almasi, I Maggini, V Salewski, B Bruderer, F Liechti, ...
Journal of Ornithology 152 (1), 113-128, 2011
Spring passerine migrants stopping over in the Sahara are not fall-outs
V Salewski, H Schmaljohann, F Liechti
Journal of Ornithology 151 (2), 371-378, 2010
Stopover of migrating birds: simultaneous analysis of different marking methods enhances the power of capture–recapture analyses
V Salewski, M Thoma, M Schaub
Journal of Ornithology 148 (1), 29-37, 2007
Distribution, ecology and threat status of the Aquatic Warblers Acrocephalus paludicola wintering in West Africa
M Flade, I Diop, M Haase, A Le Nevé, S Oppel, C Tegetmeyer, A Vogel, ...
Journal of Ornithology 152 (1), 129-140, 2011
Ecological correlates of wintering social systems in New World and Old World migratory passerines
R Greenberg, V Salewski
Birds of two worlds: the ecology and evolution of migration. Johns Hopkins …, 2005
Multiple weather factors affect apparent survival of European passerine birds
V Salewski, WM Hochachka, W Fiedler
PLoS One 8 (4), e59110, 2013
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