Sadegh Bolouki
Sadegh Bolouki
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Some applications of fractional calculus in suppression of chaotic oscillations
MS Tavazoei, M Haeri, S Jafari, S Bolouki, M Siami
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 55 (11), 4094-4101, 2008
More details on analysis of fractional-order Van der Pol oscillator
MS Tavazoei, M Haeri, M Attari, S Bolouki, M Siami
Journal of Vibration and Control 15 (6), 803-819, 2009
Stability preservation analysis for frequency-based methods in numerical simulation of fractional order systems
MS Tavazoei, M Haeri, S Bolouki, M Siami
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 47 (1), 321-338, 2009
Residential household non-intrusive load monitoring via smart event-based optimization
E Azizi, AM Shotorbani, MTH Beheshti, BM Ivatloo, S Bolouki
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 66 (3), 233-241, 2020
Centrality measures in linear consensus networks with structured network uncertainties
M Siami, S Bolouki, B Bamieh, N Motee
IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 5 (3), 924-934, 2018
Multi-Objective Optimization of Distribution Networks via Daily Reconfiguration
SM Razavi, HR Momeni, MR Haghifam, S Bolouki
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery 37 (2), 775-785, 2022
Spread of information with confirmation bias in cyber-social networks
Y Mao, S Bouloki, E Akyol
IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering 7 (2), 688-700, 2020
Using fractional-order integrator to control chaos in single-input chaotic systems
MS Tavazoei, M Haeri, S Bolouki, M Siami
Nonlinear Dynamics 55 (1), 179-190, 2009
Maximum number of frequencies in oscillations generated by fractional order LTI systems
MS Tavazoei, M Haeri, M Siami, S Bolouki
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 58 (8), 4003-4012, 2010
Asynchronous periodic distributed event-triggered voltage and frequency control of microgrids
K Mohammadi, E Azizi, J Choi, MT Hamidi Beheshti, A Bidram, S Bolouki
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 36 (5), 4524-4538, 2021
Influence of conformist and manipulative behaviors on public opinion
SR Etesami, S Bolouki, A Nedić, T Başar, HV Poor
IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 6 (1), 202-214, 2019
Consensus algorithms and the decomposition-separation theorem
S Bolouki, RP Malhamé
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 61 (9), 2357-2369, 2016
Event-based formation control of networked multi-agent systems using complex Laplacian under directed topology
M Ranjbar, MTH Beheshti, S Bolouki
IEEE Control Systems Letters 5 (3), 1085-1090, 2021
Éminence grise coalitions: On the shaping of public opinion
S Bolouki, RP Malhamé, M Siami, N Motee
IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 4 (2), 133-145, 2017
Appliance-level anomaly detection in nonintrusive load monitoring via power consumption-based feature analysis
E Azizi, MTH Beheshti, S Bolouki
IEEE Transaction on Consumer Electronics 67 (4), 363-371, 2021
Event Matching Classification Method for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
E Azizi, MTH Beheshti, S Bolouki
Sustainability 13 (2), 693, 2021
On the signed edge domination number of graphs
S Akbari, S Bolouki, P Hatami, M Siami
Discrete mathematics 309 (3), 587-594, 2009
Theorems about ergodicity and class-ergodicity of chains with applications in known consensus models
S Bolouki, RP Malhame
2012 50th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and …, 2012
Residential energy flexibility characterization using non-intrusive load monitoring
E Azizi, R Ahmadiahangar, A Rosin, J Martins, RA Lopes, MTH Beheshti, ...
Sustainable Cities and Society 75, 103321, 2021
An optimized hybrid methodology for short‐term traffic forecasting in telecommunication networks
M Alizadeh, MTH Beheshti, A Ramezani, S Bolouki
Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, 2023
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