Konstantinos Soulis
Konstantinos Soulis
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SCS-CN parameter determination using rainfall-runoff data in heterogeneous watersheds–the two-CN system approach
KX Soulis, JD Valiantzas
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 16 (3), 1001-1015, 2012
Investigation of the direct runoff generation mechanism for the analysis of the SCS-CN method applicability to a partial area experimental watershed
KX Soulis, JD Valiantzas, N Dercas, PA Londra
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 13 (5), 605-615, 2009
Investigating the effects of soil moisture sensors positioning and accuracy on soil moisture based drip irrigation scheduling systems
KX Soulis, S Elmaloglou, N Dercas
Agricultural Water Management 148, 258-268, 2015
Potential impacts of climate change on flow regime and fish habitat in mountain rivers of the south-western Balkans
C Papadaki, K Soulis, R Muñoz-Mas, F Martinez-Capel, S Zogaris, ...
Science of the Total Environment 540, 418-428, 2016
Runoff reduction from extensive green roofs having different substrate depth and plant cover
KX Soulis, N Ntoulas, PA Nektarios, G Kargas
Ecological engineering 102, 80-89, 2017
Identification of the SCS-CN parameter spatial distribution using rainfall-runoff data in heterogeneous watersheds
KX Soulis, JD Valiantzas
Water Resources Management 27 (6), 1737-1749, 2013
Performance analysis and calibration of a new low-cost capacitance soil moisture sensor
G Kargas, KX Soulis
Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 138 (7), 632-641, 2012
Simulation of green roof runoff under different substrate depths and vegetation covers by coupling a simple conceptual and a physically based hydrological model
KX Soulis, JD Valiantzas, N Ntoulas, G Kargas, PA Nektarios
Journal of environmental management 200, 434-445, 2017
Development of a GIS-based spatially distributed continuous hydrological model and its first application
K Soulis, N Dercas
Water International 32 (1), 177-192, 2007
Optimum soil water content sensors placement for surface drip irrigation scheduling in layered soils
KX Soulis, S Elmaloglou
Computers and electronics in agriculture 152, 1-8, 2018
Effects of forest roads on the hydrological response of a small‐scale mountain watershed in Greece
KX Soulis, N Dercas, CH Papadaki
Hydrological processes 29 (7), 1772-1782, 2015
Simulation of soil water dynamics under surface drip irrigation from equidistant line sources
S Elmaloglou, KX Soulis, N Dercas
Water resources management 27 (12), 4131-4148, 2013
Estimation of SCS Curve Number variation following forest fires
KX Soulis
Hydrological Sciences Journal 63 (9), 1332-1346, 2018
Performance evaluation of a recently developed soil water content, dielectric permittivity, and bulk electrical conductivity electromagnetic sensor
G Kargas, KX Soulis
Agricultural Water Management 213, 568-579, 2019
Optimum soil water content sensors placement in drip irrigation scheduling systems: concept of time stable representative positions
KX Soulis, S Elmaloglou
Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 142 (11), 04016054, 2016
Comparative assessment of environmental flow estimation methods in a Mediterranean mountain river
C Papadaki, K Soulis, L Ntoanidis, S Zogaris, N Dercas, E Dimitriou
Environmental Management 60 (2), 280-292, 2017
Development of a geo-information system embedding a spatially distributed hydrological model for the preliminary assessment of the hydropower potential of historical hydro …
KX Soulis, D Manolakos, J Anagnostopoulos, D Papantonis
Renewable Energy 92, 222-232, 2016
Synergistic approach of remote sensing and gis techniques for flash-flood monitoring and damage assessment in Thessaly plain area, Greece
E Psomiadis, KX Soulis, M Zoka, N Dercas
Water 11 (3), 448, 2019
Wildfires impact on hydrological response–the case of Lykorrema experimental watershed
KX Soulis, N Dercas, JD Valiantzas
Global NEST Journal 14 (3), 303-310, 2012
Landslide mapping and susceptibility assessment using geospatial analysis and earth observation data
E Psomiadis, A Papazachariou, KX Soulis, DS Alexiou, ...
Land 9 (5), 133, 2020
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