Norman Gürlebeck
Norman Gürlebeck
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STE-QUEST—test of the universality of free fall using cold atom interferometry
DN Aguilera, H Ahlers, B Battelier, A Bawamia, A Bertoldi, R Bondarescu, ...
Classical and Quantum Gravity 31 (11), 115010, 2014
No-hair theorem for black holes in astrophysical environments
N Gürlebeck
Physical Review Letters 114 (15), 151102, 2015
I− Q Relation for Rapidly Rotating Neutron Stars
S Chakrabarti, T Delsate, N Gürlebeck, J Steinhoff
Physical Review Letters 112 (20), 201102, 2014
Precision gravity tests with atom interferometry in space
GM Tino, F Sorrentino, D Aguilera, B Battelier, A Bertoldi, Q Bodart, ...
Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 243, 203-217, 2013
Macroscopic quantum resonators (MAQRO): 2015 update
R Kaltenbaek, M Aspelmeyer, PF Barker, A Bassi, J Bateman, K Bongs, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 3 (1), 5, 2016
Design of a dual species atom interferometer for space
T Schuldt, C Schubert, M Krutzik, LG Bote, N Gaaloul, J Hartwig, H Ahlers, ...
Experimental Astronomy 39 (2), 167-206, 2015
Optical parametric generation in a lithium niobate microring with modal phase matching
R Luo, Y He, H Liang, M Li, J Ling, Q Lin
Physical Review Applied 11 (3), 034026, 2019
Giant pulsar glitches and the inertia of neutron star crusts
T Delsate, N Chamel, N Gürlebeck, AF Fantina, JM Pearson, C Ducoin
Physical Review D 94 (2), 023008, 2016
Visualization of novel virulence activities of the Xanthomonas type III effectors AvrBs1, AvrBs3 and AvrBs4
D Guerlebeck, S Jahn, N Guerlebeck, R Szczesny, B Szurek, S Hahn, ...
Molecular plant pathology 10 (2), 175-188, 2009
On Appell sets and the Fueter-Sce mapping
N Gürlebeck
Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras 19 (1), 51-61, 2009
Source integrals for multipole moments in static and axially symmetric spacetimes
N Gürlebeck
Physical Review D 90 (2), 024041, 2014
High-performance optical frequency references for space
T Schuldt, K Döringshoff, A Milke, J Sanjuan, M Gohlke, EV Kovalchuk, ...
J Phys Conf Ser 723 (1), 012047, 2016
Meissner effect for weakly isolated horizons
N Gürlebeck, M Scholtz
Physical Review D 95 (6), 064010, 2017
mSTAR: Testing special relativity in space using high performance optical frequency references
T Schuldt, S Saraf, A Stochino, K Döringshoff, S Buchman, GD Cutler, ...
2015 Joint Conference of the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium …, 2015
Monopole and dipole layers in curved spacetimes: formalism and examples
N Gürlebeck, J Bičák, AC Gutiérrez-Pineres
Physical Review D 83 (12), 124023, 2011
Atom interferometry in space: Thermal management and magnetic shielding
A Milke, A Kubelka-Lange, N Gürlebeck, B Rievers, S Herrmann, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 85 (8), 083105, 2014
Mathematical model of thermal shields for long-term stability optical resonators
J Sanjuan, N Gürlebeck, C Braxmaier
Optics express 23 (14), 17892-17908, 2015
Observers’ measurements in premetric electrodynamics: Time and radar length
N Gürlebeck, C Pfeifer
Physical Review D 97 (8), 084043, 2018
A space-based optical Kennedy-Thorndike experiment testing special relativity
A Milke, DN Aguilera, N Gürlebeck, T Schuldt, S Herrmann, K Döringshoff, ...
2013 Joint European Frequency and Time Forum & International Frequency …, 2013
Electromagnetic sources distributed on shells in a Schwarzschild background
N Gürlebeck, J Bičák, AC Gutiérrez-Pineres
General Relativity and Gravitation 43 (12), 3301-3312, 2011
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