Johannes Carolus (John) Jansen
Johannes Carolus (John) Jansen
Institute on Membrane Technology, CNR-ITM
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An efficient polymer molecular sieve for membrane gas separations
M Carta, R Malpass-Evans, M Croad, Y Rogan, JC Jansen, P Bernardo, ...
Science 339 (6117), 303-307, 2013
Effect of additives in the casting solution on the formation of PVDF membranes
E Fontananova, JC Jansen, A Cristiano, E Curcio, E Drioli
Desalination 192 (1-3), 190-197, 2006
Gas permeation parameters of mixed matrix membranes based on the polymer of intrinsic microporosity PIM-1 and the zeolitic imidazolate framework ZIF-8
AF Bushell, MP Attfield, CR Mason, PM Budd, Y Yampolskii, ...
Journal of membrane science 427, 48-62, 2013
A spirobifluorene‐based polymer of intrinsic microporosity with improved performance for gas separation
CG Bezzu, M Carta, A Tonkins, JC Jansen, P Bernardo, F Bazzarelli, ...
Advanced Materials 24 (44), 5930-5933, 2012
Triptycene induced enhancement of membrane gas selectivity for microporous Tröger's base polymers
M Carta, M Croad, R Malpass‐Evans, JC Jansen, P Bernardo, G Clarizia, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (21), 3526-3531, 2014
Nanoporous organic polymer/cage composite membranes
AF Bushell, PM Budd, MP Attfield, JTA Jones, T Hasell, AI Cooper, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (4), 1253-1256, 2013
Gas transport properties of Pebax®/room temperature ionic liquid gel membranes
P Bernardo, JC Jansen, F Bazzarelli, F Tasselli, A Fuoco, K Friess, P Izák, ...
Separation and Purification Technology 97, 73-82, 2012
Polymer of intrinsic microporosity incorporating thioamide functionality: preparation and gas transport properties
CR Mason, L Maynard-Atem, NM Al-Harbi, PM Budd, P Bernardo, ...
Macromolecules 44 (16), 6471-6479, 2011
High ionic liquid content polymeric gel membranes: preparation and performance
JC Jansen, K Friess, G Clarizia, J Schauer, P Izak
Macromolecules 44 (1), 39-45, 2011
Redefining the Robeson upper bounds for CO 2/CH 4 and CO 2/N 2 separations using a series of ultrapermeable benzotriptycene-based polymers of intrinsic microporosity
B Comesaña-Gándara, J Chen, CG Bezzu, M Carta, I Rose, MC Ferrari, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 12 (9), 2733-2740, 2019
Enhancement of CO2 Affinity in a Polymer of Intrinsic Microporosity by Amine Modification
CR Mason, L Maynard-Atem, KWJ Heard, B Satilmis, PM Budd, K Friess, ...
Macromolecules 47 (3), 1021-1029, 2014
Polymer ultrapermeability from the inefficient packing of 2D chains
I Rose, CG Bezzu, M Carta, B Comesaña-Gándara, E Lasseuguette, ...
Nature materials 16 (9), 932-937, 2017
A highly permeable polyimide with enhanced selectivity for membrane gas separations
Y Rogan, R Malpass-Evans, M Carta, M Lee, JC Jansen, P Bernardo, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (14), 4874-4877, 2014
Experimental analysis and simulation of the gas transport in dense Hyflon® AD60X membranes: influence of residual solvent
M Macchione, JC Jansen, G De Luca, E Tocci, M Longeri, E Drioli
Polymer 48 (9), 2619-2635, 2007
Highly permeable benzotriptycene-based polymer of intrinsic microporosity
I Rose, M Carta, R Malpass-Evans, MC Ferrari, P Bernardo, G Clarizia, ...
ACS Macro Letters 4 (9), 912-915, 2015
Synthesis and gas permeation properties of novel spirobisindane-based polyimides of intrinsic microporosity
Y Rogan, L Starannikova, V Ryzhikh, Y Yampolskii, P Bernardo, ...
Polymer Chemistry 4 (13), 3813-3820, 2013
Ethylene− norbornene copolymers from metallocene-based catalysts: Microstructure at tetrad level and reactivity ratios
I Tritto, L Boggioni, JC Jansen, K Thorshaug, MC Sacchi, DR Ferro
Macromolecules 35 (3), 616-623, 2002
High ionic liquid content polymeric gel membranes: correlation of membrane structure with gas and vapour transport properties
K Friess, JC Jansen, F Bazzarelli, P Izák, V Jarmarová, M Kačírková, ...
Journal of membrane science 415, 801-809, 2012
Preparation of solvent stable polyphenylsulfone hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes
S Darvishmanesh, F Tasselli, JC Jansen, E Tocci, F Bazzarelli, ...
Journal of membrane science 384 (1-2), 89-96, 2011
Mixed matrix membranes based on UiO-66 MOFs in the polymer of intrinsic microporosity PIM-1
MR Khdhayyer, E Esposito, A Fuoco, M Monteleone, L Giorno, JC Jansen, ...
Separation and Purification Technology 173, 304-313, 2017
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