Edwin Pednault
Edwin Pednault
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
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ADL: Exploring the middle ground between STRIPS and the situation calculus
EPD Pednault
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Principles of Knowledge …, 1989
SystemML: Declarative machine learning on MapReduce
A Ghoting, R Krishnamurthy, E Pednault, B Reinwald, V Sindhwani, ...
2011 IEEE 27th International Conference on Data Engineering, 231-242, 2011
Business applications of data mining
C Apte, B Liu, EPD Pednault, P Smyth
Communications of the ACM 45 (8), 49-53, 2002
Method for constructing segmentation-based predictive models
EPD Pednault, R Natarajan
US Patent 7,451,065, 2008
System and method for increasing the effectiveness of customer contact strategies
E Bibelnieks, M Bullock, M Haydock, M Schiller, W Kugel, EPD Pednault, ...
US Patent 6,567,786, 2003
Data mining based underwriting profitability analysis
CV Apte, E Grossman, EPD Pednault, BK Rosen, FA Tipu, H Wang, ...
US Patent 5,970,464, 1999
Formulating multiagent, dynamic-world problems in the classical planning framework
EPD Pednault
Reasoning about Actions and Plans: Proceedings of the 1986 Workshop, 47-82, 1987
Synthesizing plans that contain actions with context‐dependent effects
EPD Pednault
Computational Intelligence 4 (3), 356-372, 1988
System and method for sequential decision making for customer relationship management
N Abe, EPD Pednault
US Patent 7,403,904, 2008
ADL and the state-transition model of action
EPD Pednault
Journal of Logic and Computation 4 (5), 467-512, 1994
Leveraging secondary storage to simulate deep 54-qubit sycamore circuits
E Pednault, JA Gunnels, G Nannicini, L Horesh, R Wisnieff
arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.09534, 2019
Nucleic acid structure analysis: Mathematics for local Cartesian and helical structure parameters that are truly comparable between structures
MS Babcock, EPD Pednault, WK Olson
Journal of Molecular Biology 237 (1), 125-156, 1994
Breaking the 49-qubit barrier in the simulation of quantum circuits
E Pednault, JA Gunnels, G Nannicini, L Horesh, T Magerlein, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1710.05867 15, 2017
Method for constructing segmentation-based predictive models from data that is particularly well-suited for insurance risk or profitability modeling purposes
EPD Pednault
US Patent 7,072,841, 2006
Toward a mathematical theory of plan synthesis
EPD Pednault
Stanford University, 1987
Systems and methods for processing machine learning algorithms in a MapReduce environment
DR Burdick, A Ghoting, R Krishnamurthy, EPD Pednault, B Reinwald, ...
US Patent 8,612,368, 2013
System and method for targeted marketing of goods and/or services to specific customers
E Bibelnieks, M Bullock, M Haydock, M Schiller, W Kugel, EPD Pednault, ...
US Patent 7,246,083, 2007
NIMBLE: A toolkit for the implementation of parallel data mining and machine learning algorithms on mapreduce
A Ghoting, P Kambadur, E Pednault, R Kannan
Proceedings of the 17th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge …, 2011
On the independence assumption underlying subjective Bayesian updating
EPD Pednault, SW Zucker, LV Muresan
Artificial Intelligence 16 (2), 213-222, 1981
Sequential cost-sensitive decision making with reinforcement learning
E Pednault, N Abe, B Zadrozny, H Wang, W Fan, C Apte
Proceedings of the Eighth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge …, 2002
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