Aphrodite Indares
Aphrodite Indares
Professor geology, Memorial University
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Biotite–garnet geothermometry in the granulite facies: the influence of Ti and Al in biotite
A Indares, J Martignole
American Mineralogist 70 (3-4), 272-278, 1985
Partial melting in the Higher Himalayan Crystallines of Eastern Nepal: the effect of decompression and implications for the ‘Channel Flow’model
C Groppo, F Rolfo, A Indares
Journal of Petrology 53 (5), 1057-1088, 2012
Phase equilibria modelling of kyanite‐bearing anatectic paragneisses from the central Grenville Province
A Indares, RW White, R Powell
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 26 (8), 815-836, 2008
High-pressure anatectic paragneisses from the Namche Barwa, Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis: textural evidence for partial melting, phase equilibria modeling and tectonic implications
C Guilmette, A Indares, R Hébert
Lithos 124 (1-2), 66-81, 2011
The Grenville orogen—A post-LITHOPROBE perspective
T Rivers, N Culshaw, A Hynes, A Indares, R Jamieson, J Martignole, ...
tectonic styles in Canada: The lithoprobe perspective 49, 97-236, 2012
The High Pressure belt in the Grenville Province: architecture, timing, and exhumation
T Rivers, J Ketchum, A Indares, A Hynes
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Discovery of a dismembered metamorphic sole in the Saga ophiolitic mélange, South Tibet: Assessing an Early Cretaceous disruption of the Neo-Tethyan supra-subduction zone and …
C Guilmette, R Hébert, J Dostal, A Indares, T Ullrich, É Bédard, C Wang
Gondwana Research 22 (2), 398-414, 2012
PT Paths Derived from Garnet Growth Zoning in an Extensional Setting: an Example from the Tormes Gneiss Dome (Iberian Massif, Spain)
J Escuder Viruete, A Indares, R Arenas
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Eclogitized gabbros from the eastern Grenville Province: textures, metamorphic context, and implications
A Indares
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 30 (1), 159-173, 1993
Metamorphic interpretation of high‐pressure‐temperature metapelites with preserved growth zoning in garnet, eastern Grenville Province, Canadian Shield
A Indares
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 13 (4), 475-486, 1995
Partial Melting of High-PT Metapelites from the Tshenukutish Terrane (Grenville Province): Petrography and U–Pb Geochronology
A Indares, G Dunning
Journal of Petrology 42 (8), 1547-1565, 2001
Petrology and U–Pb geochronology of mafic, high-pressure, metamorphic coronites from the Tshenukutish domain, eastern Grenville Province
RA Cox, GR Dunning, A Indares
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Textures, metamorphic reactions and thermobarometry of eclogitized metagabbros; a Proterozoic example
A Indares, T Rivers
European Journal of Mineralogy 7 (1), 43-56, 1995
Biotite-garnet geothermometry in granulite-facies rocks: evaluation of equilibrium criteria
A Indares, J Martignole
Canadian Mineralogist 23, 187-193, 1985
Tectono-thermal evolution of deep crust in a Mesoproterozoic continental collision setting: the Manicouagan example
A Indares, G Dunning, R Cox
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 37 (2-3), 325-340, 2000
Seismic images of eclogites, crustal-scale extension, and Moho relief in the eastern Grenville province, Quebec
DW Eaton, A Hynes, A Indares, T Rivers
Geology 23 (9), 855-858, 1995
Coronitic metagabbro and eclogite from the Grenville Province of western Quebec: interpretation of U–Pb geochronology and metamorphism
A Indares, G Dunning
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 34 (7), 891-901, 1997
Transformation of Fe–Ti gabbro to coronite, eclogite and amphibolite in the Baie du Nord segment, Manicouagan Imbricate Zone, eastern Grenville Province
Cox, Indares
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 17 (5), 537-555, 1999
Crustal architecture above the high-pressure belt of the Grenville Province in the Manicouagan area: new structural, petrologic and U–Pb age constraints
A Indares, G Dunning
Precambrian Research 130 (1-4), 199-228, 2004
Lithoprobe line 55: integration of out-of-plane seismic results with surface structure, metamorphism, and geochronology, and the tectonic evolution of the eastern Grenville …
A Hynes, A Indares, T Rivers, A Gobeil
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 37 (2-3), 341-358, 2000
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