Bing He
Bing He
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
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Preventing CLABSIs among pediatric hematology/oncology inpatients: national collaborative results
DG Bundy, AH Gaur, AL Billett, B He, EA Colantuoni, MR Miller
Pediatrics 134 (6), e1678-e1685, 2014
Sildenafil does not improve cardiomyopathy in D uchenne/B ecker muscular dystrophy
DG Leung, DA Herzka, WR Thompson, B He, G Bibat, G Tennekoon, ...
Annals of neurology 76 (4), 541-549, 2014
Finding complex biological relationships in recent PubMed articles using Bio-LDA
H Wang, Y Ding, J Tang, X Dong, B He, J Qiu, DJ Wild
PloS one 6 (3), e17243, 2011
Community-based topic modeling for social tagging
D Li, B He, Y Ding, J Tang, C Sugimoto, Z Qin, E Yan, J Li, T Dong
Proceedings of the 19th ACM international conference on Information and …, 2010
An experimental electro-acupuncture study in treatment of the rat demyelinated spinal cord injury induced by ethidium bromide
SF Huang, Y Ding, JW Ruan, W Zhang, JL Wu, B He, YJ Zhang, Y Li, ...
Neuroscience Research 70 (3), 294-304, 2011
Mining patterns of author orders in scientific publications
B He, Y Ding, E Yan
Journal of Informetrics 6 (3), 359-367, 2012
Predicting human movement with multiple accelerometers using movelets
B He, J Bai, VV Zipunnikov, A Koster, P Caserotti, B Lange-Maia, ...
Medicine and science in sports and exercise 46 (9), 1859, 2014
Combination of electroacupuncture and grafted mesenchymal stem cells overexpressing TrkC improves remyelination and function in demyelinated spinal cord of rats
Y Ding, RY Zhang, B He, Z Liu, K Zhang, JW Ruan, EA Ling, JL Wu, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 9133, 2015
Normalization and extraction of interpretable metrics from raw accelerometry data
J Bai, B He, H Shou, V Zipunnikov, TA Glass, CM Crainiceanu
Biostatistics 15 (1), 102-116, 2014
Electro-acupuncture upregulates CGRP expression after rat spinal cord transection
WJ Li, SM Li, Y Ding, B He, J Keegan, H Dong, JW Ruan, YS Zeng
Neurochemistry International 61 (8), 1397-1403, 2012
Mining relational paths in integrated biomedical data
B He, J Tang, Y Ding, H Wang, Y Sun, JH Shin, B Chen, G Moorthy, J Qiu, ...
PLoS One 6 (12), e27506, 2011
Mining enriched contextual information of scientific collaboration: A meso perspective
B He, Y Ding, C Ni
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 62 (5 …, 2011
Mining diversity subgraph in multidisciplinary scientific collaboration networks: A meso perspective
B He, Y Ding, J Tang, V Reguramalingam, J Bollen
Journal of Informetrics 7 (1), 117-128, 2013
Electroacupuncture promotes the differentiation of transplanted bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells preinduced with neurotrophin-3 and retinoic acid into oligodendrocyte-like …
Z Liu, B He, RY Zhang, K Zhang, Y Ding, JW Ruan, EA Ling, JL Wu, ...
Cell transplantation 24 (7), 1265-1281, 2015
The dynamic features of Delicious, Flickr, and YouTube
N Lin, D Li, Y Ding, B He, Z Qin, J Tang, J Li, T Dong
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 63 (1 …, 2012
Movement prediction using accelerometers in a human population
L Xiao, B He, A Koster, P Caserotti, B Lange‐Maia, NW Glynn, TB Harris, ...
Biometrics 72 (2), 513-524, 2016
The VIVO ontology: enabling networking of scientists
S Mitchell, S Chen, M Ahmed, B Lowe, P Markes, N Rejack, ...
Modeling topic and community structure in social tagging: The TTR‐LDA‐Community model
D Li, Y Ding, C Sugimoto, B He, J Tang, E Yan, N Lin, Z Qin, T Dong
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 62 (9 …, 2011
Geospatial distribution and clustering of Chlamydia trachomatis in communities undergoing mass azithromycin treatment
J Yohannan, B He, J Wang, G Greene, Y Schein, H Mkocha, B Munoz, ...
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 55 (7), 4144-4150, 2014
Dynamic features of social tagging vocabulary: Delicious, flickr and youtube
D Li, Y Ding, Z Qin, S Milojevic, B He, E Yan, T Dong
2010 International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and …, 2010
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