Tom Harner
Tom Harner
Environment Canada
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Recent climate change in the Arctic and its impact on contaminant pathways and interpretation of temporal trend data
RW Macdonald, T Harner, J Fyfe
Science of the total environment 342 (1-3), 5-86, 2005
Contaminants in the Canadian Arctic: 5 years of progress in understanding sources, occurrence and pathways
RW Macdonald, LA Barrie, TF Bidleman, ML Diamond, DJ Gregor, ...
Science of the Total Environment 254 (2-3), 93-234, 2000
Characterization and comparison of three passive air samplers for persistent organic pollutants
M Shoeib, T Harner
Environmental science & technology 36 (19), 4142-4151, 2002
Is house dust the missing exposure pathway for PBDEs? An analysis of the urban fate and human exposure to PBDEs
HA Jones-Otazo, JP Clarke, ML Diamond, JA Archbold, G Ferguson, ...
Environmental science & technology 39 (14), 5121-5130, 2005
Passive air sampling of PCBs, PBDEs, and organochlorine pesticides across Europe
FM Jaward, NJ Farrar, T Harner, AJ Sweetman, KC Jones
Environmental science & technology 38 (1), 34-41, 2004
Octanol− air partition coefficient for describing particle/gas partitioning of aromatic compounds in urban air
T Harner, TF Bidleman
Environmental Science & Technology 32 (10), 1494-1502, 1998
Octanol-air partition coefficient as a predictor of partitioning of semi-volatile organic chemicals to aerosols
A Finizio, D Mackay, T Bidleman, T Harner
Atmospheric Environment 31 (15), 2289-2296, 1997
Toward a global network for persistent organic pollutants in air: results from the GAPS study
K Pozo, T Harner, F Wania, DCG Muir, KC Jones, LA Barrie
Environmental Science & Technology 40 (16), 4867-4873, 2006
Using passive air samplers to assess urban− rural trends for persistent organic pollutants. 1. Polychlorinated biphenyls and organochlorine pesticides
T Harner, M Shoeib, M Diamond, G Stern, B Rosenberg
Environmental science & technology 38 (17), 4474-4483, 2004
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers in indoor dust in Ottawa, Canada: implications for sources and exposure
BH Wilford, M Shoeib, T Harner, J Zhu, KC Jones
Environmental science & technology 39 (18), 7027-7035, 2005
Indoor and outdoor air concentrations and phase partitioning of perfluoroalkyl sulfonamides and polybrominated diphenyl ethers
M Shoeib, T Harner, M Ikonomou, K Kannan
Environmental Science & Technology 38 (5), 1313-1320, 2004
Enantiomer fractions are preferred to enantiomer ratios for describing chiral signatures in environmental analysis
T Harner, K Wiberg, R Norstrom
Environmental science & technology 34 (1), 218-220, 2000
Passive sampling survey of polybrominated diphenyl ether flame retardants in indoor and outdoor air in Ottawa, Canada: implications for sources and exposure
BH Wilford, T Harner, J Zhu, M Shoeib, KC Jones
Environmental science & technology 38 (20), 5312-5318, 2004
Perfluorinated chemicals in the Arctic atmosphere
M Shoeib, T Harner, P Vlahos
Environmental science & technology 40 (24), 7577-7583, 2006
Perfluorinated sulfonamides in indoor and outdoor air and indoor dust: occurrence, partitioning, and human exposure
M Shoeib, T Harner, BH Wilford, KC Jones, J Zhu
Environmental science & technology 39 (17), 6599-6606, 2005
Seasonally resolved concentrations of persistent organic pollutants in the global atmosphere from the first year of the GAPS study
K Pozo, T Harner, SC Lee, F Wania, DCG Muir, KC Jones
Environmental science & technology 43 (3), 796-803, 2009
Residues of organochlorine pesticides in Alabama soils
T Harner, JL Wideman, LMM Jantunen, TF Bidleman, WJ Parkhurst
Environmental pollution 106 (3), 323-332, 1999
Passive-sampler derived air concentrations of persistent organic pollutants on a North− South transect in Chile
K Pozo, T Harner, M Shoeib, R Urrutia, R Barra, O Parra, S Focardi
Environmental science & technology 38 (24), 6529-6537, 2004
Evidence for the “grasshopper” effect and fractionation during long-range atmospheric transport of organic contaminants
T Gouin, D Mackay, KC Jones, T Harner, SN Meijer
Environmental pollution 128 (1-2), 139-148, 2004
Peer reviewed: analytical challenges hamper perfluoroalkyl research
JW Martin, K Kannan, URS Berger, PD Voogt, J Field, J Franklin, JP Giesy, ...
Environmental science & technology 38 (13), 248A-255A, 2004
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