John Prestage
John Prestage
Jet propulsion Lab
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Atomic clocks and variations of the fine structure constant
JD Prestage, RL Tjoelker, L Maleki
Physical review letters 74 (18), 3511, 1995
New ion trap for frequency standard applications
JD Prestage, GJ Dick, L Maleki
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Limits for Spatial Anisotropy by Use of Nuclear-Spin-Polarized Ions
JD Prestage, JJ Bollinger, WM Itano, DJ Wineland
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Laser-cooled-atomic frequency standard
JJ Bollinger, JD Prestage, WM Itano, DJ Wineland
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Static properties of a non-neutral -ion plasma
LR Brewer, JD Prestage, JJ Bollinger, WM Itano, DJ Larson, DJ Wineland
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Atomic clocks and oscillators for deep-space navigation and radio science
JD Prestage, GL Weaver
Proceedings of the IEEE 95 (11), 2235-2247, 2007
Local oscillator induced degradation of medium-term stability in passive atomic frequency standards
GJ Dick, JD Prestage, CA Greenhall, L Maleki
Proceedings of the 22th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and …, 1990
Dynamics of charged particles in a Paul radio-frequency quadrupole trap
JD Prestage, A Williams, L Maleki, MJ Djomehri, E Harabetian
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Angular momentum of trapped atomic particles
DJ Wineland, JJ Bollinger, WM Itano, JD Prestage
JOSA B 2 (11), 1721-1730, 1985
Extended linear ion trap frequency standard apparatus
JD Prestage
US Patent 5,420,549, 1995
Linear ion trap based atomic frequency standard
JD Prestage, GJ Dick, L Maleki
44th Annual Symposium on Frequency Control, 82-88, 1990
Odyssey: a solar system mission
B Christophe, PH Andersen, JD Anderson, S Asmar, P Bério, O Bertolami, ...
Experimental Astronomy 23 (2), 529-547, 2009
Ultra-stable Hg/sup+/trapped ion frequency standard
JD Prestage, RL Tjoelker, GJ Dick, L Maleki
Proceedings of the 45th Annual Symposium on Frequency Control 1991, 572-581, 1991
Mercury ion clock for a NASA technology demonstration mission
RL Tjoelker, JD Prestage, EA Burt, P Chen, YJ Chong, SK Chung, ...
IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control 63 …, 2016
Quadropole mass analyzer with linear ion trap
JD Prestage
US Patent 6,157,031, 2000
Low-power, miniature 171Yb ion clock using an ultra-small vacuum package
YY Jau, H Partner, PDD Schwindt, JD Prestage, JR Kellogg, N Yu
Applied Physics Letters 101 (25), 253518, 2012
A highly miniaturized vacuum package for a trapped ion atomic clock
PDD Schwindt, YY Jau, H Partner, A Casias, AR Wagner, M Moorman, ...
Review of Scientific instruments 87 (5), 053112, 2016
Demonstration of a trapped-ion atomic clock in space
EA Burt, JD Prestage, RL Tjoelker, DG Enzer, D Kuang, DW Murphy, ...
Nature 595 (7865), 43-47, 2021
Using the deep space atomic clock for navigation and science
TA Ely, EA Burt, JD Prestage, JM Seubert, RL Tjoelker
IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control 65 …, 2018
Higher pole linear traps for atomic clock applications
JD Prestage, RL Tjoelker, L Maleki
Proceedings of the 1999 Joint Meeting of the European Frequency and Time …, 1999
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