Irina Engelhardt
Irina Engelhardt
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Comparison of tracer methods to quantify hydrodynamic exchange within the hyporheic zone
I Engelhardt, M Piepenbrink, N Trauth, S Stadler, C Kludt, M Schulz, ...
Journal of Hydrology 400 (1-2), 255-266, 2011
Anomalous behaviour of specific electrical conductivity at a karst spring induced by variable catchment boundaries: the case of the Podstenjšek spring, Slovenia
N Ravbar, I Engelhardt, N Goldscheider
Hydrological Processes 25 (13), 2130-2140, 2011
Suitability of temperature, hydraulic heads, and acesulfame to quantify wastewater‐related fluxes in the hyporheic and riparian zone
I Engelhardt, H Prommer, C Moore, M Schulz, C Schüth, TA Ternes
Water Resources Research 49 (1), 426-440, 2013
Fate of the antibiotic sulfadiazine in natural soils: Experimental and numerical investigations
I Engelhardt, S Sittig, J Šimůnek, J Groeneweg, T Pütz, H Vereecken
Journal of contaminant hydrology 177, 30-42, 2015
Thermal-hydraulic experiments with bentonite/crushed rock mixtures and estimation of effective parameters by inverse modeling
I Engelhardt, S Finsterle
Applied Clay Science 23 (1-4), 111-120, 2003
Co-transport of chlordecone and sulfadiazine in the presence of functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes in soils
M Zhang, I Engelhardt, J Šimůnek, SA Bradford, D Kasel, AE Berns, ...
Environmental pollution 221, 470-479, 2017
Experimental and numerical investigations of silver nanoparticle transport under variable flow and ionic strength in soil
J Makselon, D Zhou, I Engelhardt, D Jacques, E Klumpp
Environmental science & technology 51 (4), 2096-2104, 2017
Complexity vs. simplicity: groundwater model ranking using information criteria
I Engelhardt, JG De Aguinaga, H Mikat, C Schüth, R Liedl
Groundwater 52 (4), 573-583, 2014
Soil column experiments to quantify vadose zone water fluxes in arid settings
H Pfletschinger, I Engelhardt, M Piepenbrink, F Königer, R Schuhmann, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 65, 1523-1533, 2012
Quantification of long-term wastewater fluxes at the surface water/groundwater-interface: an integrative model perspective using stable isotopes and acesulfame
I Engelhardt, JAC Barth, R Bol, M Schulz, TA Ternes, C Schüth, ...
Science of the total environment 466, 16-25, 2014
Impact of manure-related DOM on sulfonamide transport in arable soils
D Zhou, S Thiele-Bruhn, MG Arenz-Leufen, D Jacques, P Lichtner, ...
Journal of contaminant hydrology 192, 118-128, 2016
Large-scale modeling of the groundwater resources on the Arabian platform
E Kalbus, S Oswald, W Wang, O Kolditz, I Engelhardt, MI Al-Saud, ...
Int J Water Resour Arid Environ 1 (1), 38-47, 2011
Reactive transport of iomeprol during stream-groundwater interactions
I Engelhardt, H Prommer, M Schulz, J Vanderborght, C Schüth, ...
Environmental science & technology 48 (1), 199-207, 2014
Sensitivity of vadose zone water fluxes to climate shifts in arid settings
H Pfletschinger, K Prömmel, C Schüth, M Herbst, I Engelhardt
Vadose zone journal 13 (1), 2014
Surface and subsurface conceptual model of an arid environment with respect to mid-and late Holocene climate changes
I Engelhardt, R Rausch, B Keim, M Al-Saud, C Schüth
Environmental earth sciences 69, 537-555, 2013
Experimental and numerical investigation of flow phenomena in nonisothermal, variably saturated bentonite–crushed rock mixtures
I Engelhardt, S Finsterle, C Hofstee
Vadose Zone Journal 2 (2), 239-246, 2003
Uncertainty analysis and identification of key parameters controlling bacteria transport within a riverbank filtration scenario
D Knabe, A Guadagnini, M Riva, I Engelhardt
Water Resources Research 57 (4), e2020WR027911, 2021
An integrated approach for choosing suitable pumping strategies for a semi-arid region in Jordan using a groundwater model coupled with analytical hierarchy techniques
J Alkhatib, I Engelhardt, L Ribbe, M Sauter
Hydrogeology Journal 27 (4), 1143-1157, 2019
Numerical modelling of stream–aquifer interaction: Quantifying the impact of transient streambed permeability and aquifer heterogeneity
D Zhou, Y Zhang, G Gianni, P Lichtner, I Engelhardt
Hydrological Processes 32 (14), 2279-2292, 2018
Numerical and experimental investigations of cesium and strontium sorption and transport in agricultural soils
AE Berns, A Flath, K Mehmood, D Hofmann, D Jacques, M Sauter, ...
Vadose zone journal 17 (1), 1-14, 2018
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