Vit Sisler
Vit Sisler
Associate Professor at Charles University
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V Šisler
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V Šisler
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V Sisler
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V Šisler, C Brom
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Video game development in the Middle East: Iran, the Arab world, and beyond
V Šisler
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European courts ́ authority contested? The Case of Marriage and Divorce Fatwas On-line
V Šisler
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Stories from the History of Czechoslovakia, A Serious Game for Teaching History of the Czech Lands in the 20th Century – Notes on Design Concepts and Design …
V Šisler, C Brom, J Cuhra, K Činátl, J Gemrot
Entertainment Computing-ICEC 2012: 11th International Conference, ICEC 2012 …, 2012
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