Steve J. Portugal
Steve J. Portugal
Reader in Animal Behaviour & Physiology, Royal Holloway University of London
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Upwash exploitation and downwash avoidance by flap phasing in ibis formation flight
SJ Portugal, TY Hubel, J Fritz, S Heese, D Trobe, B Voelkl, S Hailes, ...
Nature 505 (7483), 399-402, 2014
Annual changes in body mass and resting metabolism in captive barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis): the importance of wing moult
SJ Portugal, JA Green, PJ Butler
Journal of Experimental Biology 210 (8), 1391-1397, 2007
Review: an embryo's eye view of avian eggshell pigmentation
G Maurer, SJ Portugal, P Cassey
Journal of Avian Biology 42 (6), 494-504, 2011
Matching times of leading and following suggest cooperation through direct reciprocity during V-formation flight in ibis
B Voelkl, SJ Portugal, M Unsöld, JR Usherwood, AM Wilson, J Fritz
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (7), 2115-2120, 2015
Visual fields, foraging and collision vulnerability in Gyps vultures
GR Martin, SJ Portugal, CP Murn
Ibis 154 (3), 626-631, 2012
Why are birds' eggs colourful? Eggshell pigments co-vary with life-history and nesting ecology among British breeding non-passerine birds
P Cassey, GH Thomas, SJ Portugal, G Maurer, ME Hauber, T Grim, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 106 (3), 657-672, 2012
Implantation reduces the negative effects of bio-logging devices on birds
CR White, P Cassey, NG Schimpf, LG Halsey, JA Green, SJ Portugal
Journal of Experimental Biology 216 (4), 537-542, 2013
Variability in avian eggshell colour: a comparative study of museum eggshells
P Cassey, SJ Portugal, G Maurer, JG Ewen, RL Boulton, ME Hauber, ...
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Recording raptor behavior on the wing via accelerometry
LG Halsey, SJ Portugal, JA Smith, CP Murn, RP Wilson
Journal of Field Ornithology 80 (2), 171-177, 2009
First light for avian embryos: eggshell thickness and pigmentation mediate variation in development and UV exposure in wild bird eggs
G Maurer, SJ Portugal, ME Hauber, I Mikšík, DGD Russell, P Cassey
Functional Ecology, 2015
Bringing a Time–Depth Perspective to Collective Animal Behaviour
D Biro, T Sasaki, SJ Portugal
Trends in Ecology and Evolution (TREE) 31 (7), 550-562, 2017
Hippocampal‐dependent familiar area map supports corrective re‐orientation following navigational error during pigeon homing: a GPS‐tracking study
A Gagliardo, P Ioalè, M Savini, G Dell’Omo, VP Bingman
European Journal of Neuroscience 29 (12), 2389-2400, 2009
Respirometry: anhydrous drierite equilibrates with carbon dioxide and increases washout times
CR White, SJ Portugal, GR Martin, PJ Butler
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 79 (5), 977-980, 2006
The origin and maintenance of metabolic allometry in animals
CR White, DJ Marshall, LA Alton, PA Arnold, JE Beaman, CL Bywater, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 3, 598-603, 2019
Avian eggshell pigments are not consistently correlated with colour measurements or egg constituents in two Turdus thrushes
P Cassey, I Mikšík, SJ Portugal, G Maurer, JG Ewen, E Zarate, MA Sewell, ...
Journal of Avian Biology 43 (6), 503-512, 2012
Associations between resting, activity, and daily metabolic rate in free-living endotherms: no universal rule in birds and mammals
SJ Portugal, JA Green, LG Halsey, W Arnold, V Careau, P Dann, ...
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 89 (3), 251-261, 2016
Crystal structure of arginase from Plasmodium falciparum and implications for l-arginine depletion in malarial infection
DP Dowling, M Ilies, KL Olszewski, SJ Portugal, MM Mota, M Llinás, ...
Biochemistry 49 (26), 5600-5608, 2010
A comparison of indices and measured values of eggshell thickness of different shell regions using museum eggs of 230 European bird species
G Maurer, SJ Portugal, P Cassey
Ibis 154 (4), 714-724, 2012
Genistein-supplemented diet decreases malaria liver infection in mice and constitutes a potential prophylactic strategy
M Cunha-Rodrigues, SJ Portugal, M Prudêncio, LA Gonçalves, ...
PLoS One 3 (7), e2732, 2008
Testing the use/disuse hypothesis: pectoral and leg muscle changes in captive barnacle geese Branta leucopsis during wing moult
SJ Portugal, SKS Thorpe, JA Green, JP Myatt, PJ Butler
Journal of Experimental Biology 212 (15), 2403-2410, 2009
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