Mark Hoekstra
Mark Hoekstra
Professor of Economics, Baylor University
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The effect of attending the flagship state university on earnings: A discontinuity-based approach
M Hoekstra
The review of economics and statistics 91 (4), 717-724, 2009
Externalities in the classroom: How children exposed to domestic violence affect everyone's kids
SE Carrell, ML Hoekstra
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2 (1), 211-228, 2010
The long-run effects of disruptive peers
SE Carrell, M Hoekstra, E Kuka
American Economic Review 108 (11), 3377-3415, 2018
Is poor fitness contagious?: Evidence from randomly assigned friends
SE Carrell, M Hoekstra, JE West
Journal of Public Economics 95 (7), 657-663, 2011
Does strengthening self-defense law deter crime or escalate violence?: Evidence from expansions to castle doctrine
C Cheng, M Hoekstra
Journal of Human Resources 48 (3), 821-854, 2013
The impact of college diversity on behavior toward minorities
SE Carrell, M Hoekstra, JE West
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 11 (4), 159-182, 2019
Are school counselors an effective education input?
SE Carrell, M Hoekstra
Economics Letters 125 (1), 66-69, 2014
Does race matter for police use of force? Evidence from 911 calls
M Hoekstra, CW Sloan
American economic review 112 (3), 827-860, 2022
Cash for Corollas: When Stimulus Reduces Spending
M Hoekstra, SL Puller, J West
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 9 (3), 1-35, 2017
Does drinking impair college performance? Evidence from a regression discontinuity approach
SE Carrell, M Hoekstra, JE West
Journal of public Economics 95 (1-2), 54-62, 2011
Bank privatization, finance, and growth
D Berkowitz, M Hoekstra, K Schoors
Journal of Development Economics 110, 93-106, 2014
The ticket to easy street? The financial consequences of winning the lottery
S Hankins, M Hoekstra, PM Skiba
Review of Economics and Statistics 93 (3), 961-969, 2011
Vehicle miles (not) traveled: Fuel economy requirements, vehicle characteristics, and household driving
J West, M Hoekstra, J Meer, SL Puller
Journal of public Economics 145, 65-81, 2017
Lucky in Life, Unlucky in Love?: The Effect of Random Income Shocks on Marriage and Divorce
S Hankins, M Hoekstra
Journal of Human Resources 46 (2), 403-426, 2011
Illegal Immigration, State Law, and Deterrence
M Hoekstra, S Orozco-Aleman
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9 (2), 228-252, 2017
Peer quality and the academic benefits to attending better schools
M Hoekstra, P Mouganie, Y Wang
Journal of Labor Economics 36 (4), 841-884, 2018
Family business or social problem? The cost of unreported domestic violence
SE Carrell, M Hoekstra
Journal of policy analysis and management 31 (4), 861-875, 2012
Does high school quality matter? Evidence from admissions data
D Berkowitz, M Hoekstra
Economics of Education review 30 (2), 280-288, 2011
The Effect of School and Neighborhood Peers on Achievement, Misbehavior, and Adult Crime
SB Billings, M Hoekstra
Journal of Labor Economics 41 (3), 643-685, 2023
The effect of own-gender jurors on conviction rates
M Hoekstra, B Street
The Journal of Law and Economics 64 (3), 513-537, 2021
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