Kelly M Brunt
Kelly M Brunt
University of Maryland / NASA GSFC / NSF
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The Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2): science requirements, concept, and implementation
T Markus, T Neumann, A Martino, W Abdalati, K Brunt, B Csatho, S Farrell, ...
Remote sensing of environment 190, 260-273, 2017
Pervasive ice sheet mass loss reflects competing ocean and atmosphere processes
B Smith, HA Fricker, AS Gardner, B Medley, J Nilsson, FS Paolo, ...
Science 368 (6496), 1239-1242, 2020
The Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite–2 Mission: A global geolocated photon product derived from the advanced topographic laser altimeter system
TA Neumann, AJ Martino, T Markus, S Bae, MR Bock, AC Brenner, ...
Remote sensing of environment 233, 111325, 2019
Getting around Antarctica: new high-resolution mappings of the grounded and freely-floating boundaries of the Antarctic ice sheet created for the International Polar Year
R Bindschadler, H Choi, A Wichlacz, R Bingham, J Bohlander, K Brunt, ...
The Cryosphere 5 (3), 569-588, 2011
How much, how fast?: A science review and outlook for research on the instability of Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier in the 21st century
TA Scambos, RE Bell, RB Alley, S Anandakrishnan, DH Bromwich, ...
Global and Planetary Change 153, 16-34, 2017
Land ice height-retrieval algorithm for NASA's ICESat-2 photon-counting laser altimeter
B Smith, HA Fricker, N Holschuh, AS Gardner, S Adusumilli, KM Brunt, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 233, 111352, 2019
Assessment of ICESat‐2 ice sheet surface heights, based on comparisons over the interior of the Antarctic ice sheet
KM Brunt, TA Neumann, BE Smith
Geophysical Research Letters 46 (22), 13072-13078, 2019
Mapping the grounding zone of the Amery ice shelf, East Antarctica using InSAR, MODIS and ICESat
HA Fricker, R Coleman, L Padman, TA Scambos, J Bohlander, KM Brunt
Antarctic Science 21 (5), 515-532, 2009
Mapping the grounding zone of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, using ICESat laser altimetry
KM Brunt, HA Fricker, L Padman, TA Scambos, S O’Neel
Annals of Glaciology 51 (55), 71-79, 2010
Transoceanic wave propagation links iceberg calving margins of Antarctica with storms in tropics and Northern Hemisphere
DR MacAyeal, EA Okal, RC Aster, JN Bassis, KM Brunt, LM Cathles, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 33 (17), 2006
A range correction for ICESat and its potential impact on ice-sheet mass balance studies
AA Borsa, G Moholdt, HA Fricker, KM Brunt
The Cryosphere 8 (2), 345-357, 2014
Early ICESat-2 on-orbit geolocation validation using ground-based corner cube retro-reflectors
LA Magruder, KM Brunt, M Alonzo
Remote Sensing 12 (21), 3653, 2020
Performance analysis of airborne photon-counting lidar data in preparation for the ICESat-2 mission
LA Magruder, KM Brunt
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 56 (5), 2911-2918, 2018
Antarctic ice-shelf calving triggered by the Honshu (Japan) earthquake and tsunami, March 2011
KM Brunt, EA Okal, DR MacAYEAL
Journal of Glaciology 57 (205), 785-788, 2011
Inland and near-shore water profiles derived from the high-altitude Multiple Altimeter Beam Experimental Lidar (MABEL)
MF Jasinski, JD Stoll, WB Cook, M Ondrusek, E Stengel, K Brunt
Journal of Coastal Research, 44-55, 2016
Analysis of ice plains of the Filchner–Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica, using ICESat laser altimetry
KM Brunt, HA Fricker, L Padman
Journal of Glaciology 57 (205), 965-975, 2011
Determination of local slope on the Greenland Ice Sheet using a multibeam photon-counting Lidar in preparation for the ICESat-2 Mission
KM Brunt, TA Neumann, KM Walsh, T Markus
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters 11 (5), 935-939, 2013
Tabular iceberg collisions within the coastal regime
DR MacAyeal, MH Okal, JE Thom, KM Brunt, YJ Kim, AK Bliss
Journal of Glaciology 54 (185), 371-386, 2008
Profiling sea ice with a multiple altimeter beam experimental lidar (MABEL)
R Kwok, T Markus, J Morison, SP Palm, TA Neumann, KM Brunt, ...
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 31 (5), 1151-1168, 2014
Flow of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, is modulated by the ocean tide
KM Brunt, MA King, HA Fricker, DR MacAYEAL
Journal of Glaciology 56 (195), 157-161, 2010
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