Joachim Schöberl
Joachim Schöberl
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NETGEN An advancing front 2D/3D-mesh generator based on abstract rules
J Schöberl
Computing and visualization in science 1 (1), 41-52, 1997
Reversing the pump dependence of a laser at an exceptional point
M Brandstetter, M Liertzer, C Deutsch, P Klang, J Schöberl, HE Türeci, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-7, 2014
Equilibrated residual error estimator for edge elements
D Braess, J Schöberl
Mathematics of Computation 77 (262), 651-672, 2008
High order Nédélec elements with local complete sequence properties
J Schöberl, S Zaglmayr
COMPEL-The international journal for computation and mathematics in …, 2005
An algebraic multigrid method for finite element discretizations with edge elements
S Reitzinger, J Schöberl
Numerical linear algebra with applications 9 (3), 223-238, 2002
Minimizing quadratic functions subject to bound constraints with the rate of convergence and finite termination
Z Dostál, J Schoberl
Computational Optimization and Applications 30 (1), 23-43, 2005
Symmetric indefinite preconditioners for saddle point problems with applications to PDE-constrained optimization problems
J Schöberl, W Zulehner
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications 29 (3), 752-773, 2007
A posteriori error estimates for Maxwell equations
J Schöberl
Mathematics of Computation 77 (262), 633-649, 2008
Crouzeix-Raviart type finite elements on anisotropic meshes
T Apel, S Nicaise, J Schöberl
Numerische Mathematik 89 (2), 193-223, 2001
Equilibrated residual error estimates are p-robust
D Braess, V Pillwein, J Schöberl
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 198 (13-14), 1189-1197, 2009
Numerical analysis of nonlinear multiharmonic eddy current problems
F Bachinger, U Langer, J Schöberl
Numerische Mathematik 100 (4), 593-616, 2005
A hybrid mixed discontinuous Galerkin finite-element method for convection–diffusion problems
H Egger, J Schöberl
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 30 (4), 1206-1234, 2010
Finite-element simulation of wave propagation in periodic piezoelectric SAW structures
M Hofer, N Finger, G Kovacs, J Schoberl, S Zaglmayr, U Langer, R Lerch
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 53 …, 2006
A 3D finite element method for flexible multibody systems
J Gerstmayr, J Schöberl
Multibody System Dynamics 15 (4), 305-320, 2006
C++ 11 implementation of finite elements in NGSolve
J Schöberl
Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing, Vienna University of Technology, 2014
High order exactly divergence-free hybrid discontinuous Galerkin methods for unsteady incompressible flows
C Lehrenfeld, J Schöberl
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 307, 339-361, 2016
On Schwarz-type smoothers for saddle point problems
J Schöberl, W Zulehner
Numerische Mathematik 95 (2), 377-399, 2003
Multigrid methods for a parameter dependent problem in primal variables
J Schöberl
Numerische Mathematik 84 (1), 97-119, 1999
Solving the Signorini problem on the basis of domain decomposition techniques
J Schöberl
Computing 60 (4), 323-344, 1998
A non‐conforming finite element method with anisotropic mesh grading for the Stokes problem in domains with edges
T Apel, S Nicaise, J Schöberl
IMA journal of numerical analysis 21 (4), 843-856, 2001
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