Ju-Hyung Kang
Ju-Hyung Kang
Physics Research Associate, Stanford University
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Dynamic reflection phase and polarization control in metasurfaces
J Park, JH Kang, SJ Kim, X Liu, ML Brongersma
Nano letters 17 (1), 407-413, 2017
Electrically tunable epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) metafilm absorbers
J Park, JH Kang, X Liu, ML Brongersma
Scientific reports 5 (1), 15754, 2015
Subwavelength plasmonic lasing from a semiconductor nanodisk with silver nanopan cavity
SH Kwon, JH Kang, C Seassal, SK Kim, P Regreny, YH Lee, CM Lieber, ...
Nano letters 10 (9), 3679-3683, 2010
Electro-optical modulation of a silicon waveguide with an “epsilon-near-zero” material
AP Vasudev, JH Kang, J Park, X Liu, ML Brongersma
Optics express 21 (22), 26387-26397, 2013
Direct bandgap germanium-on-silicon inferred from 5.7%〈 100〉 uniaxial tensile strain
DS Sukhdeo, D Nam, JH Kang, ML Brongersma, KC Saraswat
Photonics Research 2 (3), A8-A13, 2014
Strain-induced pseudoheterostructure nanowires confining carriers at room temperature with nanoscale-tunable band profiles
D Nam, DS Sukhdeo, JH Kang, J Petykiewicz, JH Lee, WS Jung, ...
Nano letters 13 (7), 3118-3123, 2013
Low-power nano-optical vortex trapping via plasmonic diabolo nanoantennas
JH Kang, K Kim, HS Ee, YH Lee, TY Yoon, MK Seo, HG Park
Nature communications 2 (1), 582, 2011
One-dimensional parabolic-beam photonic crystal laser
BH Ahn, JH Kang, MK Kim, JH Song, B Min, KS Kim, YH Lee
Optics Express 18 (6), 5654-5660, 2010
Quantification and impact of nonparabolicity of the conduction band of indium tin oxide on its plasmonic properties
X Liu, J Park, JH Kang, H Yuan, Y Cui, HY Hwang, ML Brongersma
Applied Physics Letters 105 (18), 2014
Electrically tunable coherent optical absorption in graphene with ion gel
V Thareja, JH Kang, H Yuan, KM Milaninia, HY Hwang, Y Cui, PG Kik, ...
Nano letters 15 (3), 1570-1576, 2015
Omnidirectional near-unity absorption in an ultrathin planar semiconductor layer on a metal substrate
J Park, JH Kang, AP Vasudev, DT Schoen, H Kim, E Hasman, ...
Acs Photonics 1 (9), 812-821, 2014
Shape-dependent light scattering properties of subwavelength silicon nanoblocks
HS Ee, JH Kang, ML Brongersma, MK Seo
Nano letters 15 (3), 1759-1765, 2015
Light trapping for solar fuel generation with Mie resonances
SJ Kim, I Thomann, J Park, JH Kang, AP Vasudev, ML Brongersma
Nano letters 14 (3), 1446-1452, 2014
Creating semiconductor metafilms with designer absorption spectra
SJ Kim, P Fan, JH Kang, ML Brongersma
Nature communications 6 (1), 7591, 2015
Dynamic thermal emission control with InAs-based plasmonic metasurfaces
J Park, JH Kang, X Liu, SJ Maddox, K Tang, PC McIntyre, SR Bank, ...
Science advances 4 (12), eaat3163, 2018
Electrical tuning of a quantum plasmonic resonance
X Liu, JH Kang, H Yuan, J Park, SJ Kim, Y Cui, HY Hwang, ...
Nature nanotechnology 12 (9), 866-870, 2017
Surface-plasmon-induced light absorption on a rough silver surface
SK Kim, HS Ee, W Choi, SH Kwon, JH Kang, YH Kim, H Kwon, HG Park
Applied Physics Letters 98 (1), 2011
Epsilon-near-zero Si slot-waveguide modulator
X Liu, K Zang, JH Kang, J Park, JS Harris, PG Kik, ML Brongersma
ACS Photonics 5 (11), 4484-4490, 2018
Study of carrier statistics in uniaxially strained Ge for a low-threshold Ge laser
D Nam, DS Sukhdeo, S Gupta, JH Kang, ML Brongersma, KC Saraswat
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 20 (4), 16-22, 2013
Second-harmonic generation in GaAs photonic crystal cavities in (111) B and (001) crystal orientations
S Buckley, M Radulaski, J Petykiewicz, KG Lagoudakis, JH Kang, ...
Acs Photonics 1 (6), 516-523, 2014
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