Yavuz Onganer
Yavuz Onganer
Atatürk University, Science Faculty, Erzurum/Turkey.
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Adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solution onto perlite
M Doğan, M Alkan, Y Onganer
Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 120, 229-248, 2000
Liquid nitrogen-assisted synthesis of fluorescent carbon dots from Blueberry and their performance in Fe3+ detection
AM Aslandaş, N Balcı, M Arık, H Şakiroğlu, Y Onganer, K Meral
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The nonpolymeric organic compound (pyronine-B)/p-type silicon/Sn contact barrier devices
M Çakar, Y Onganer, A Türüt
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Adsorption dynamics of Fe (III) from aqueous solutions onto activated carbon
Y Onganer, Ç Temur
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 205 (2), 241-244, 1998
Solvent effect on the ground and excited state dipole moments of fluorescein
B Acemioğlu, M Arık, H Efeoğlu, Y Onganer
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An unusual “off-on” fluorescence sensor for iron (III) detection based on fluorescein–reduced graphene oxide functionalized with polyethyleneimine
AM Şenol, Y Onganer, K Meral
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 239, 343-351, 2017
Purification and Characterization of Dog-rose (Rosa dumalis Rechst.) Polyphenol Oxidase
H Şakiroǧlu, ÖI Küfrevioǧlu, I Kocaçalişkan, M Oktay, Y Onganer
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Graphene oxide sheets as a template for dye assembly: graphene oxide sheets induce H-aggregates of pyronin (Y) dye
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High barrier metallic polymer/p-type silicon Schottky diodes
Y Onganer, M Saǧlam, A Türüt, H Efeoǧlu, S Tüzemen
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Series resistance determination of Au/Polypyrrole/p-Si/Al structure by current–voltage measurements at low temperatures
Ş Aydoğan, M Sağlam, A Türüt, Y Onganer
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A novel system for Fe3+ ion detection based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer
E Bozkurt, M Arık, Y Onganer
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Molecular excitons of Pyronin B and Pyronin Y in colloidal silica suspension
M Arık, Y Onganer
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The fluorescence resonance energy transfer between dye compounds in micellar media
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Rhodamine 101–graphene oxide composites in aqueous solution: the fluorescence quenching process of rhodamine 101
E Bozkurt, M Acar, Y Onganer, K Meral
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (34), 18276-18281, 2014
Effect of solvent on nonradiative processes in xanthene dyes: pyronin B in alcohols and alcohol-water mixtures
Y Onganer, EL Quitevis
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 96 (20), 7996-8001, 1992
Oxygen deficiency effects on recombination lifetime and photoluminescence characteristics of ZnO thin films; correlation with crystal structure
E Gür, S Tüzemen, K Meral, Y Onganer
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Photophysical properties of pyronin dyes in reverse micelles of AOT
T Bayraktutan, K Meral, Y Onganer
Journal of luminescence 145, 925-929, 2014
The molecular aggregation of pyronin Y in natural bentonite clay suspension
K Meral, N Yılmaz, M Kaya, A Tabak, Y Onganer
Journal of luminescence 131 (10), 2121-2127, 2011
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