John M Finn
John M Finn
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Three-dimensional kinematic reconnection in the presence of field nulls and closed field lines
YT Lau, JM Finn
Astrophysical Journal, Part 1 (ISSN 0004-637X), vol. 350, Feb. 20, 1990, p …, 1990
Lie series and invariant functions for analytic symplectic maps
AJ Dragt, JM Finn
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Rossby wave instability of thin accretion disks. II. Detailed linear theory
H Li, JM Finn, RVE Lovelace, SA Colgate
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Comparison of polarization observables in electron scattering from the proton and deuteron
BD Milbrath, JI McIntyre, CS Armstrong, DH Barkhuff, W Bertozzi, JP Chen, ...
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Transverse Asymmetry from the Quasielastic Process and the Neutron Magnetic Form Factor
W Xu, D Dutta, F Xiong, B Anderson, L Auberbach, T Averett, W Bertozzi, ...
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Coalescence instability of magnetic islands
JM Finn, PK Kaw
The Physics of Fluids 20 (1), 72-78, 1977
Measurements of from the Reaction to
R Madey, AY Semenov, S Taylor, B Plaster, A Aghalaryan, E Crouse, ...
Physical review letters 91 (12), 122002, 2003
Search for Quadrupole Strength in the Electroexcitation of the
C Mertz, CE Vellidis, R Alarcon, DH Barkhuff, AM Bernstein, W Bertozzi, ...
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Bifurcation and’’strange’’behavior in instability saturation by nonlinear three‐wave mode coupling
JM Wersinger, JM Finn, E Ott
The Physics of Fluids 23 (6), 1142-1154, 1980
Polarization Transfer in the Reaction up to
S Strauch, S Dieterich, KA Aniol, JRM Annand, OK Baker, W Bertozzi, ...
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Measurements of the Deuteron Elastic Structure Function for at Jefferson Laboratory
LC Alexa, BD Anderson, KA Aniol, K Arundell, L Auerbach, FT Baker, ...
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Precision measurement of the weak charge of the proton
Nature 557 (7704), 207-211, 2018
Magnetic helicity: what is it and what is it good for?
JM Finn, TM Antonsen Jr
Comments on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 9, 111-126, 1985
Peeling of convection cells and the generation of sheared flow
JF Drake, JM Finn, P Guzdar, V Shapiro, V Shevchenko, F Waelbroeck, ...
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Fractal dimension in nonhyperbolic chaotic scattering
YT Lau, JM Finn, E Ott
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Single and multiple helicity Ohmic states in reversed‐field pinches
JM Finn, R Nebel, C Bathke
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Spheromak tilting instability in cylindrical geometry
JM Finn, WM Manheimer, E Ott
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An implicit, nonlinear reduced resistive MHD solver
L Chacón, DA Knoll, JM Finn
Journal of Computational Physics 178 (1), 15-36, 2002
Chaotic flows and fast magnetic dynamos
JM Finn, E Ott
The Physics of fluids 31 (10), 2992-3011, 1988
Plane-wave impulse approximation extraction of the neutron magnetic form factor from quasielastic at to
W Xu, B Anderson, L Auberbach, T Averett, W Bertozzi, T Black, J Calarco, ...
Physical Review C 67 (1), 012201, 2003
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