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Jan Pergl
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Ecological impacts of invasive alien plants: a meta‐analysis of their effects on species, communities and ecosystems
M Vilà, JL Espinar, M Hejda, PE Hulme, V Jarošík, JL Maron, J Pergl, ...
Ecology letters 14 (7), 702-708, 2011
A global assessment of invasive plant impacts on resident species, communities and ecosystems: the interaction of impact measures, invading species' traits and environment
P Pyšek, V Jarošík, PE Hulme, J Pergl, M Hejda, U Schaffner, M Vilà
Global Change Biology 18 (5), 1725-1737, 2012
Grasping at the routes of biological invasions: a framework for integrating pathways into policy
PE Hulme, S Bacher, M Kenis, S Klotz, I Kühn, D Minchin, W Nentwig, ...
J Appl Ecol 45, 403-414, 2008
Alien flora of Europe: species diversity, temporal trends, geographical patterns and research needs
P Lambdon, P Pyšek, C Basnou, M Hejda, ME Arianoutsou
Preslia 80, 101-149, 2008
No saturation in the accumulation of alien species worldwide
H Seebens, TM Blackburn, EE Dyer, P Genovesi, PE Hulme, JM Jeschke, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-9, 2017
Geographical and taxonomic biases in invasion ecology
P Pyšek, DM Richardson, J Pergl, V Jarošík, Z Sixtova, E Weber
Trends in ecology & evolution 23 (5), 237-244, 2008
A unified classification of alien species based on the magnitude of their environmental impacts
TM Blackburn, F Essl, T Evans, PE Hulme, JM Jeschke, I Kühn, ...
PLoS biol 12 (5), e1001850, 2014
Global exchange and accumulation of non-native plants
M Van Kleunen, W Dawson, F Essl, J Pergl, M Winter, E Weber, H Kreft, ...
Nature 525 (7567), 100-103, 2015
Disentangling the role of environmental and human pressures on biological invasions across Europe
P Pyšek, V Jarošík, PE Hulme, I Kühn, J Wild, M Arianoutsou, S Bacher, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (27), 12157-12162, 2010
Catalogue of alien plants of the Czech Republic: checklist update, taxonomic diversity and invasion patterns.–Preslia 84: 155–255.
P Pyšek, J Danihelka, J Sádlo, J Chrtek Jr, M Chytrý, V Jarošík, Z Kaplan, ...
Bias and error in understanding plant invasion impacts
PE Hulme, P Pyšek, V Jarošík, J Pergl, U Schaffner, M Vila
Trends in ecology & evolution 28 (4), 212-218, 2013
Plant extinctions and introductions lead to phylogenetic and taxonomic homogenization of the European flora
M Winter, O Schweiger, S Klotz, W Nentwig, P Andriopoulos, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (51), 21721-21725, 2009
Defining the impact of non‐native species
JM Jeschke, S Bacher, TM Blackburn, JTA Dick, F Essl, T Evans, ...
Conservation Biology 28 (5), 1188-1194, 2014
The intermediate disturbance hypothesis and plant invasions: Implications for species richness and management
JA Catford, CC Daehler, HT Murphy, AW Sheppard, BD Hardesty, ...
Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 14 (3), 231-241, 2012
A patch-dynamics approach to savanna dynamics and woody plant encroachment–insights from an arid savanna
K Wiegand, D Saltz, D Ward
Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 7 (4), 229-242, 2006
Ecological impacts of alien species: quantification, scope, caveats, and recommendations
S Kumschick, M Gaertner, M Vilà, F Essl, JM Jeschke, P Pyšek, ...
Bioscience 65 (1), 55-63, 2015
The global invasion success of Central European plants is related to distribution characteristics in their native range and species traits
P Pyšek, V Jarošík, J Pergl, R Randall, M Chytrý, I Kühn, L Tichý, ...
Diversity and Distributions 15 (5), 891-903, 2009
Non-natives: 141 scientists object
D Simberloff, J Alexander, F Allendorf, J Aronson, PM Antunes, S Bacher, ...
Nature 475 (7354), 1, 2011
Seismic response of large underground structures in liquefiable soils subjected to horizontal and vertical earthquake excitations
H Liu, E Song
Computers and Geotechnics 32 (4), 223-244, 2005
Global trade will accelerate plant invasions in emerging economies under climate change
H Seebens, F Essl, W Dawson, N Fuentes, D Moser, J Pergl, P Pyšek, ...
Global change biology 21 (11), 4128-4140, 2015
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