Yamamoto Takafumi
Yamamoto Takafumi
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BaFeO3: A Ferromagnetic Iron Oxide
N Hayashi, T Yamamoto, H Kageyama, M Nishi, Y Watanabe, ...
Angewandte Chemie 123 (52), 12755-12758, 2011
Superconducting state coexisting with a phase-separated static magnetic order in , , and
T Goko, AA Aczel, E Baggio-Saitovitch, SL Bud’ko, PC Canfield, JP Carlo, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 80 (2), 024508, 2009
Metal‐Dependent Support Effects of Oxyhydride‐Supported Ru, Fe, Co Catalysts for Ammonia Synthesis
Y Tang, Y Kobayashi, N Masuda, Y Uchida, H Okamoto, T Kageyama, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (36), 1801772, 2018
A labile hydride strategy for the synthesis of heavily nitridized BaTiO3
T Yajima, F Takeiri, K Aidzu, H Akamatsu, K Fujita, W Yoshimune, ...
Nature Chemistry 7 (12), 1017-1023, 2015
Realization of interlayer ferromagnetic interaction in toward the magnetic Weyl semimetal state
T Murakami, Y Nambu, T Koretsune, G Xiangyu, T Yamamoto, CM Brown, ...
Physical Review B 100 (19), 195103, 2019
Oxyhydrides of (Ca,Sr,Ba)TiO3 Perovskite Solid Solutions
T Sakaguchi, Y Kobayashi, T Yajima, M Ohkura, C Tassel, F Takeiri, ...
Inorganic chemistry 51 (21), 11371-11376, 2012
Hydride in BaTiO2.5H0.5: A Labile Ligand in Solid State Chemistry
N Masuda, Y Kobayashi, O Hernandez, T Bataille, S Paofai, H Suzuki, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (48), 15315-15321, 2015
Nonlinear magnetization dynamics of antiferromagnetic spin resonance induced by intense terahertz magnetic field
Y Mukai, H Hirori, T Yamamoto, H Kageyama, K Tanaka
New Journal of Physics 18 (1), 013045, 2016
Hydride reductions of transition metal oxides
T Yamamoto, H Kageyama
Chemistry letters 42 (9), 946-953, 2013
An Antiferro-to-Ferromagnetic Transition in EuTiO3–xHx Induced by Hydride Substitution
T Yamamoto, R Yoshii, G Bouilly, Y Kobayashi, K Fujita, Y Kususe, ...
Inorganic chemistry 54 (4), 1501-1507, 2015
Conduction band control of oxyhalides with a triple-fluorite layer for visible light photocatalysis
A Nakada, D Kato, R Nelson, H Takahira, M Yabuuchi, M Higashi, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (6), 2491-2499, 2021
Stability of the infinite layer structure with iron square planar coordination
C Tassel, T Watanabe, Y Tsujimoto, N Hayashi, A Kitada, Y Sumida, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (12), 3764-3765, 2008
Band engineering of double-layered Sillén–Aurivillius perovskite oxychlorides for visible-light-driven water splitting
A Nakada, M Higashi, T Kimura, H Suzuki, D Kato, H Okajima, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (9), 3419-3429, 2019
Antiferromagnetic resonance excitation by terahertz magnetic field resonantly enhanced with split ring resonator
Y Mukai, H Hirori, T Yamamoto, H Kageyama, K Tanaka
Applied Physics Letters 105 (2), 2014
The role of π-blocking hydride ligands in a pressure-induced insulator-to-metal phase transition in SrVO2H
T Yamamoto, D Zeng, T Kawakami, V Arcisauskaite, K Yata, MA Patino, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1217, 2017
MnTaO2N: Polar LiNbO3‐type Oxynitride with a Helical Spin Order
C Tassel, Y Kuno, Y Goto, T Yamamoto, CM Brown, J Hester, K Fujita, ...
Angewandte Chemie 127 (2), 526-531, 2015
Synthesis and physical properties of the new oxybismuthides BaTi2Bi2O and (SrF) 2Ti2Bi2O with ad 1 square net
T Yajima, K Nakano, F Takeiri, J Hester, T Yamamoto, Y Kobayashi, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 82 (1), 013703, 2012
High‐pressure synthesis of manganese oxyhydride with partial anion order
C Tassel, Y Goto, D Watabe, Y Tang, H Lu, Y Kuno, F Takeiri, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (33), 9667-9670, 2016
Fe-Site Substitution Effect on the Structural and Magnetic Properties in SrFeO2
L Seinberg, T Yamamoto, C Tassel, Y Kobayashi, N Hayashi, A Kitada, ...
Inorganic chemistry 50 (9), 3988-3995, 2011
Topochemical Nitridation with Anion Vacancy-Assisted N3–/O2– Exchange
R Mikita, T Aharen, T Yamamoto, F Takeiri, T Ya, W Yoshimune, K Fujita, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (9), 3211-3217, 2016
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