Daniel K. Schneider
Daniel K. Schneider
Associate professor, TECFA, University of Geneva
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Virtual learning environments
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Collaborative learning and the Internet
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Motivations, learning and creativity in online citizen science
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Grounding in multi-modal task-oriented collaboration
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Mediating the mechanisms which make collaborative learning sometimes effective
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Hemispheric asymmetries in EEG alpha oscillations indicate active inhibition during attentional orienting within working memory
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Conception and implementation of rich pedagogical scenarios through collaborative portal sites: clear focus and fuzzy edges
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Modélisation de la démarche du décideur politique dans la perspective de l’intelligence artificielle
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The design of MOO agents: Implications from an empirical CSCW study
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La Recherche Design en Education: vers une nouvelle approche?
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Semi-structured interface in collaborative problem-solving
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Community, Content and Collaboration Management Systems in Education: A new chance for socio-constructivist scenarios
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Conception and implementation of rich pedagogical scenarios through collaborative portal sites
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Introduction of blended learning in a master program: developing an integrative mixed method evaluation framework
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Good student questions in inquiry learning
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Conception et implémentation de scénarios pédagogiques riches avec des portails communautaires
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Teaching and learning with internet tools: A position paper
D Schneider
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Computer‐supported peer commenting: a promising instructional method to promote skill development in vocational education
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The world-wide web in education
D Schneider, K Block
Published in ANDREA 2 (5), 1995
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