Ron Belyansky
Ron Belyansky
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Ultrastrong coupling of a single artificial atom to an electromagnetic continuum in the nonperturbative regime
P Forn-Díaz, JJ García-Ripoll, B Peropadre, JL Orgiazzi, MA Yurtalan, ...
Nature Physics 13 (1), 39-43, 2017
Quench dynamics of a Fermi gas with strong nonlocal interactions
E Guardado-Sanchez, BM Spar, P Schauss, R Belyansky, JT Young, ...
Physical Review X 11 (2), 021036, 2021
Probing the strongly driven spin-boson model in a superconducting quantum circuit
L Magazzù, P Forn-Díaz, R Belyansky, JL Orgiazzi, MA Yurtalan, MR Otto, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1403, 2018
Quantum simulation of hyperbolic space with circuit quantum electrodynamics: From graphs to geometry
I Boettcher, P Bienias, R Belyansky, AJ Kollár, AV Gorshkov
Physical Review A 102 (3), 032208, 2020
Symmetry breaking and error correction in open quantum systems
S Lieu, R Belyansky, JT Young, R Lundgren, VV Albert, AV Gorshkov
Physical Review Letters 125 (24), 240405, 2020
Minimal model for fast scrambling
R Belyansky, P Bienias, YA Kharkov, AV Gorshkov, B Swingle
Physical review letters 125 (13), 130601, 2020
Asymmetric blockade and multiqubit gates via dipole-dipole interactions
JT Young, P Bienias, R Belyansky, AM Kaufman, AV Gorshkov
Physical Review Letters 127 (12), 120501, 2021
Circuit quantum electrodynamics in hyperbolic space: from photon bound states to frustrated spin models
P Bienias, I Boettcher, R Belyansky, AJ Kollár, AV Gorshkov
Physical Review Letters 128 (1), 013601, 2022
Shortcuts to adiabaticity in the presence of a continuum: applications to itinerant quantum state transfer
A Baksic, R Belyansky, H Ribeiro, AA Clerk
Physical Review A 96 (2), 021801, 2017
High-energy collision of quarks and mesons in the Schwinger model: From tensor networks to circuit QED
R Belyansky, S Whitsitt, N Mueller, A Fahimniya, ER Bennewitz, ...
Physical Review Letters 132 (9), 091903, 2024
Nondestructive cooling of an atomic quantum register via state-insensitive Rydberg interactions
R Belyansky, JT Young, P Bienias, Z Eldredge, AM Kaufman, P Zoller, ...
Physical review letters 123 (21), 213603, 2019
Optical excitation of atomic force microscopy cantilever for accurate spectroscopic measurements
Y Miyahara, H Griffin, A Roy-Gobeil, R Belyansky, H Bergeron, ...
EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation 7 (1), 2, 2020
Frustration-induced anomalous transport and strong photon decay in waveguide QED
R Belyansky, S Whitsitt, R Lundgren, Y Wang, A Vrajitoarea, AA Houck, ...
Phys. Rev. Research 3, L032058, 2020
Ultrastrong light-matter interaction in a photonic crystal
A Vrajitoarea, R Belyansky, R Lundgren, S Whitsitt, AV Gorshkov, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.14972, 2022
Simulating Meson Scattering on Spin Quantum Simulators
E Bennewitz, B Ware, A Schuckert, A Lerose, F Surace, R Belyansky, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2403.07061, 2024
Experimental roadmap for optimal state transfer and entanglement generation in power-law systems
AY Guo, JT Young, R Belyansky, P Bienias, AV Gorshkov
arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.07974, 2024
Real-time scattering dynamics in (1+ 1) D QED: from tensor networks to quantum circuits
R Belyansky, S Whitsitt, N Mueller, A Fahimniya, E Bennewitz, Z Davoudi, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2023, B33. 006, 2023
Qubit gate and producing a generalized controlled-not quantum gate
AV Gorshkov, AM Kaufman, JT Young, PD Bienias, R Belyansky
US Patent App. 17/531,652, 2022
Experimental roadmap for performing optimal state transfer and entanglement generation in power-law interacting systems
A Guo, J Young, R Belyansky, P Bienias, A Gorshkov
APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts 2022 …, 2022
Quantum impurity ultrastrongly coupled to a photonic crystal waveguide
A Vrajitoarea, R Belyansky, R Lundgren, S Whitsitt, A Gorshkov, A Houck
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 66, 2021
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