Hanhee Paik
Hanhee Paik
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
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Observation of high coherence in Josephson junction qubits measured in a three-dimensional circuit QED architecture
H Paik, DI Schuster, LS Bishop, G Kirchmair, G Catelani, AP Sears, ...
Physical Review Letters 107 (24), 240501, 2011
Observation of quantum state collapse and revival due to the single-photon Kerr effect
G Kirchmair, B Vlastakis, Z Leghtas, SE Nigg, H Paik, E Ginossar, ...
Nature 495 (7440), 205-209, 2013
Black-box superconducting circuit quantization
SE Nigg, H Paik, B Vlastakis, G Kirchmair, S Shankar, L Frunzio, ...
Physical review letters 108 (24), 240502, 2012
Materials challenges and opportunities for quantum computing hardware
NP De Leon, KM Itoh, D Kim, KK Mehta, TE Northup, H Paik, BS Palmer, ...
Science 372 (6539), eabb2823, 2021
Reaching 10 ms single photon lifetimes for superconducting aluminum cavities
M Reagor, H Paik, G Catelani, L Sun, C Axline, E Holland, IM Pop, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (19), 2013
Photon shot noise dephasing in the strong-dispersive limit of circuit QED
AP Sears, A Petrenko, G Catelani, L Sun, H Paik, G Kirchmair, L Frunzio, ...
Physical Review B 86 (18), 180504, 2012
Experimental demonstration of a resonator-induced phase gate in a multiqubit circuit-QED system
H Paik, A Mezzacapo, M Sandberg, DT McClure, B Abdo, AD Córcoles, ...
Physical review letters 117 (25), 250502, 2016
Reducing quantum-regime dielectric loss of silicon nitride for superconducting quantum circuits
H Paik, KD Osborn
Applied Physics Letters 96 (7), 2010
Rapid driven reset of a qubit readout resonator
DT McClure, H Paik, LS Bishop, M Steffen, JM Chow, JM Gambetta
Physical Review Applied 5 (1), 011001, 2016
System and method for quantum information transfer between optical photons and superconductive qubits
H Paik
US Patent 9,350,460, 2016
Spectroscopy of three-particle entanglement in a macroscopic superconducting circuit
H Xu, FW Strauch, SK Dutta, PR Johnson, RC Ramos, AJ Berkley, H Paik, ...
Physical review letters 94 (2), 027003, 2005
Multilevel effects in the Rabi oscillations of a Josephson phase qubit
SK Dutta, FW Strauch, RM Lewis, K Mitra, H Paik, TA Palomaki, ...
Physical Review B 78 (10), 104510, 2008
Cavity filtered qubit
B Abdo, JM Chow, JM Gambetta, H Paik
US Patent 9,444,430, 2016
Multilevel spectroscopy of two-level systems coupled to a dc SQUID phase qubit
TA Palomaki, SK Dutta, RM Lewis, AJ Przybysz, H Paik, BK Cooper, ...
Physical Review B 81 (14), 144503, 2010
Initializing the flux state of multiwell inductively isolated Josephson junction qubits
TA Palomaki, SK Dutta, H Paik, H Xu, J Matthews, RM Lewis, RC Ramos, ...
Physical Review B 73 (1), 014520, 2006
Decoherence in dc SQUID phase qubits
H Paik, SK Dutta, RM Lewis, TA Palomaki, BK Cooper, RC Ramos, H Xu, ...
Physical Review B 77 (21), 214510, 2008
Strong-field effects in the Rabi oscillations of the superconducting phase qubit
FW Strauch, SK Dutta, H Paik, TA Palomaki, K Mitra, BK Cooper, ...
IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity 17 (2), 105-108, 2007
Characterization of hidden modes in networks of superconducting qubits
S Sheldon, M Sandberg, H Paik, B Abdo, JM Chow, M Steffen, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (22), 2017
The IBM Quantum heavy hex lattice
P Nation, H Paik, A Cross, Z Nazario
vol. 0 7, 2021
Scale, Quality, and Speed: three key attributes to measure the performance of near-term quantum computers
BRJ Andrew Wack, Hanhee Paik, Ali Javadi-Abhari, Petar Jurcevic, Ismael Faro ...
arXiv:2110.14108, 2021
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