Niklas Linde
Niklas Linde
Professor of Environmental Geophysics, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Lausanne
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Improved hydrogeophysical characterization using joint inversion of cross‐hole electrical resistance and ground‐penetrating radar traveltime data
N Linde, A Binley, A Tryggvason, LB Pedersen, A Revil
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Training‐image based geostatistical inversion using a spatial generative adversarial neural network
E Laloy, R Hérault, D Jacques, N Linde
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Chemico-electromechanical coupling in microporous media
A Revil, N Linde
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Inversion using a new low-dimensional representation of complex binary geological media based on a deep neural network
E Laloy, R Hérault, J Lee, D Jacques, N Linde
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Geological realism in hydrogeological and geophysical inverse modeling: A review
N Linde, P Renard, T Mukerji, J Caers
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J Doetsch, N Linde, I Coscia, SA Greenhalgh, AG Green
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Streaming current generation in two‐phase flow conditions
N Linde, D Jougnot, A Revil, SK Matthäi, T Arora, D Renard, C Doussan
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A review of geophysical methods for soil structure characterization
A Romero‐Ruiz, N Linde, T Keller, D Or
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J Doetsch, N Linde, M Pessognelli, AG Green, T Günther
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Full‐waveform inversion of cross‐hole ground‐penetrating radar data to characterize a gravel aquifer close to the Thur River, Switzerland
A Klotzsche, J van der Kruk, GA Meles, J Doetsch, H Maurer, N Linde
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Non-intrusive characterization of the redox potential of landfill leachate plumes from self-potential data
T Arora, N Linde, A Revil, J Castermant
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3D crosshole ERT for aquifer characterization and monitoring of infiltrating river water
I Coscia, SA Greenhalgh, N Linde, J Doetsch, L Marescot, T Günther, ...
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Derivation of soil‐specific streaming potential electrical parameters from hydrodynamic characteristics of partially saturated soils
D Jougnot, N Linde, A Revil, C Doussan
Vadose Zone Journal 11 (1), 2012
Imaging and quantifying salt-tracer transport in a riparian groundwater system by means of 3D ERT monitoring
J Doetsch, N Linde, T Vogt, A Binley, AG Green
Geophysics 77 (5), B207-B218, 2012
On uncertainty quantification in hydrogeology and hydrogeophysics
N Linde, D Ginsbourger, J Irving, F Nobile, A Doucet
Advances in Water Resources 110, 166-181, 2017
Joint inversion of crosshole radar and seismic traveltimes acquired at the South Oyster Bacterial Transport Site
N Linde, A Tryggvason, JE Peterson, SS Hubbard
Geophysics 73 (4), G29-G37, 2008
Inversion of tracer test data using tomographic constraints
N Linde, S Finsterle, S Hubbard
Water Resources Research 42 (4), 2006
SS Hubbard, N Linde
Treatise on Water Science 2, 401-434, 2011
Local earthquake (LE) tomography with joint inversion for P‐and S‐wave velocities using structural constraints
A Tryggvason, N Linde
Geophysical Research Letters 33 (7), 2006
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