Pietro Brandmayr
Pietro Brandmayr
Professor of Zoology, Università della Calabria, Dept. of Biology, Ecology and Earth Science
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Forty years of Carabid Beetle research in Europe - from taxonomy, biology, ecology and population studies to bioindication, habitat assessment and conservation
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A Red List of Italian Saproxylic Beetles: taxonomic overview, ecological features and conservation issues (Coleoptera)
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Epigean arthropod succession along a 154-year glacier foreland chronosequence in the Forni Valley (Central Italian Alps)
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The main axes of the coenoclinal continuum from macroptery to brachyptery in carabid communities of the temperate zone
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An index to evaluate landscape conservation state based on land-use pattern analysis and Geographic Information System techniques
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Changes in Ground Beetle Assemblages above and below the Treeline of the D Olomites after Almost 30 Years (1980/2009)
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Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae (Carabini, Cychrini, Trechini, Abacetini, Stomini, Pterostichini)
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The reduction of metathoracic alae and dispersal power of carabid beetles along the evolutionary pathway into the mountains
P Brandmayr
Form and Function in Zoology. Selected Symposia and Monographs UZI 5, 363-378, 1991
Entomocenosi come indicatori delle modificazioni antropiche del paesaggio e pianificazione del territorio: esempi basati sullo studio di popolamenti a Coleotteri Carabidi
P Brandmayr
Atti XII Congr. Naz Ital Entomol., Roma, 1980:, 263-283, 1980
Rediscovering the ‘umbrella species’ candidate Cucujus cinnaberinus (Scopoli, 1763) in Southern Italy (Coleoptera Cucujidae), and notes on bionomy
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Some Environmental Contaminants Influence Motor and Feeding Behaviors in the Ornate Wrasse (Thalassoma pavo) via Distinct Cerebral Histamine Receptor Subtypes
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Environmental health perspectives 113 (119), 1522-1529, 2005
The evolution of parental care phenomena in Pterostichine ground beetles, with special reference to the genera Abax and Molops (Coleoptera, Carabidae)
P Brandmayr, T Zetto-Brandmayr
Misc. Pap. Landbouwhogesch. Wageningen 18, 35-49, 1979
Climate change and its impact on epigean and hypogean carabid beetles
P Brandmayr, R Pizzolotto
Periodicum biologorum 118 (3), 147-162, 2016
Effects of metal pollution on survival and physiological responses in Carabus (Chaetocarabus) lefebvrei (Coleoptera, Carabidae)
F Talarico, P Brandmayr, PG Giulianini, F Ietto, A Naccarato, E Perrotta, ...
European Journal of Soil Biology 61, 80-89, 2014
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